Video Games to Play on Halloween

"Halloween isn't just for the haunted houses and wicked costume parties. Join BootHammer as we list our favorite video games guaranteed to scare and spook gamers on Halloween." -BootHammer

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BootHammer1838d ago

The best of the Resident Evil series...can't go wrong with that one!

ContraCode1838d ago

Absolutely agree, Resident Evil 4 is timeless and one of my favorite survival horror games to date.

ContraCode1838d ago

The original Dead Space for sure! And maybe some Doom 3.

Ezz20131838d ago

the last of us
Metro last light
Undead nightmare

BootHammer1838d ago

Nice list! Metro Last Light is really atmospheric and perfect for Halloween.

searcam011838d ago

Fatal Frame 1-3 play that by yourself lol good times

BootHammer1838d ago

Fatal Frame is definitely creepy!

kratos_TheGoat1838d ago

dead space 1, put your headphone on while listening to scary theme music and light off and you good to go

BootHammer1838d ago

Playing Dead Space in the dark with a good surround sound system or gaming headphones is pretty terrifying.

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