Eurogamer reviews Battlezone and Rocky & Bullwinkle

Rocky & Bullwinkle (5/10):

Nudging the 150MB filesize limit, Rocky & Bullwinkle certainly doesn't skimp on the content - although too many games are repeated in each session - and the support for up to twelve players is generous even for a party game. The visuals are rather fun, mixing up lots of cartoon clips with a retro 2D paper-cutout animation style, but as a whole the game feels undercooked, unpolished and ultimately unsatisfying. Eurogamer suspects it'll provide the minimum level of fun when played in a social setting, but one play will be more than enough for most participants.

Battlezone (4/10):

The simple appeal of 3D tank combat is one that certainly has a place on a service like XBLA, but this awkward update gets stuck between misplaced reverence for the original and distracting concessions to modern gaming conventions. They've updated the wrong bits, yet left the elements that needed attention untouched. The addition of a multiplayer mode may keep you playing for a bit longer, especially at the 400 Point price tag, but Battlezone really needed more than a cursory lick of glowing paint to make it truly enjoyable by today's standards.

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