Gamespot-Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus - Preview/Gameplay

Insomniac shows off snowmen and orphans as we dive Into the Nexus.

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shivvy243520d ago

Happy to see insomniac doing what they do best

hulk_bash19873520d ago

Can't wait, I love R&C. And this is gonna be a return to form for the series.

Kryptix3520d ago

Glad to see Insomniac are still passionate about the series, with a movie coming out and this maintaining a lot of the roots. So far it looks amazing and fun like the classic R&C games. Also glad Sony are still supporting exclusives on the PS3 for the people that aren't getting a PS4 or don't got the money for it yet. Hopefully Sony acquires Insomniac someday because they do still hold a lot of creativity after watching this video.

Qrphe3520d ago

Got this bad boy preordered and oh boy,it sure it nice to see a million reports doing the same thing.

prodg523520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I love games like this! There's just not enough of them:( I guess I'll have to make them myself.

Ahh! not enough money!

3520d ago
CocoWolfie3520d ago

omg i love it! XD quark, the overall humor, everything <3

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