New Grid images

eNe3 has two new in-game images and two artworks of Race Driver: GRID.

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Meus Renaissance3890d ago

Those are anything but in-game. Is it me or is this game being touted as some sort of graphical masterpiece? I've seen video clips of actual gameplay and it looks like a mixture of NFS and DiRT. It looks nothing like that CGI trailer

Daz3890d ago

Well it looks good to me but i go for gameplay first, but everyone s different.

THis screen looks good to me but you can tell its from the dirt engine :)

Glad to be a gamer3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

The game looks great but like you meus im cynical of pics of games before release. Then again i did not think there car models on Gt5 were possible with 16 players online and was proven wrong.

This game has 16players online, full damage model, enviroments full of life but only 45 cars. So if this is as good as the toca/colin mcrae series i pretty much have to get it even if the graphics are below the pics standard. Codemasters know how to make a great racing game so i have high hopes.

yanikins1113889d ago

Codemasters "knew" how to make great racers.


level 3603890d ago

Says they are using a new and better "ego" damage-mode system on this game, will have to wait and see how good it will show on the screens...
Saw a few in-game video footage, and looking more like Colin McRae: Dirt but using TOCA type racecars like a few LeMans, opentops, American musclecars, Japanese 4WD/drifts.
Not bad at all.

BLUR1113890d ago

I hope it will be much better than nfs prostreet and dirt. it looks to be


the single player road rage challages alone will beat any car game out there.the only game that can beat BURNOUT will be MC4 will be a SICK racer.ONLINE MADNESS!!!!

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