Microsoft Plans Big Transmedia Push For New and Existing IPs Across Many Platforms and Channels

Recently Microsoft Game Studios published a new career opportunity ad that sounds definitely interesting, hinting to plans to ”develop and craft new, long-term, transmedia IPs for the entire Microsoft Studios portfolio" across multiple platforms including consoles, PC, mobile, comics and film.

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Carheadbutt2024d ago

I wonder how they'll push PC with Steam now turning more towards Linux

Abriael2024d ago

It might be part of their response. They aren't gonna sit idle on that.

UltimateMaster2024d ago

Films and comics are Microsoft's response to Steam moving to Linux?

Abriael2024d ago

@UltimateMaster: did you miss the fact that they're gonna publish on PC too?

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EXVirtual2024d ago

Yeah. I really think this is a response. MS wouldn't want PC gaming to lean towards Linux more than it has to.

PunisherRevenge2024d ago

You know I've wondered the same thing also, but don't you still need Windows to play most games?

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DoubleM702024d ago

Everybody keep bashing them, but alot people don't know what they are up to. 3rd party pushed the 360 the last few years, but it's different this time around.

TheOneEyedHound2024d ago

I am sorry, but who cares? I never liked Xbox's Ips, to cheesey and some bad acting.

miyamoto2024d ago

"Help us champion story and design narratives and franchises for video games and entertainment experiences for one of the world’s leading game publishers using the most exceptional, cutting-edge technologies."

Uhm...I believe this kind of stuff has been done before back in 2007 by an unheard of unpopular but genius producer Mark Cerny with a fledgling new IP and soon to be huge franchise called Uncharted - a game which used the power of cinematic story telling, using the most exceptional, cutting-edge technologies.

from the beach2024d ago

'scuse me princess, but that avatar is taken.

Can't risk anyone spoiling my good rep around here!

from the beach2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

We doin' this? Cause if so WE DOIN' THIS, son! :)