The Daily Grind: Why aren't there more console MMOs?

Akela Talamasca reports:
''The list of them can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Phantasy Star Online, for the Dreamcast; Everquest Online Adventures and Final Fantasy XI for the Playstation 2; and Phantasy Star Universe for both the PS2 and the Xbox 360. And that's it. The only MMO currently thought to be planned for release on both PC and console (though not at launch) is Age of Conan for the 360. Why is there such a dearth of console MMOs?''

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PimpHandHappy3834d ago

the key board has more functions

thats why

sumfood4u3834d ago

FFXI on the PS2 can be played on PS3 as well! & they have Keyboards as well as Controller to crossover from typing to party to fighting with controller! So I look 4wards to seeing FFXI next installment on the Powerhouse PS3!

Xlll3833d ago

FFXI works well with a PS2/3 controller. I had it on PS2 as well as PC. I used controller for PC and my KB was just used to type if i wasn't already using teamspeak or vent.

LostChild3833d ago

APB, Huxely, Squareenix new MMO, Conan, DC mmo (<If it is still even in the works) and I believe Boarderland is another one. MMO's are coming but it takes time to make these types of games. This isn't some Halo type game you can just slap a multiplayer on.

DomUltra3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

An open platform, which has keyboard and mouse support can take advantage of these MMO's, and of course I'm talking about the PS3, while the Xbox 360 has keyboard support, there is no mouse support, that's half the battle. Playing an MMO with a controller is well, frankly, retarded. It doesn't have nearly as many options as a KB/M duo, you could argue against logic but 19 or so buttons compared to the 70 or so buttons on a keyboard is a no brainer. MMO's these days have so many functions have been shortcut on the keyboard that it's mind boggling. The only way It would work out if if you mapped up to 2-3 functions on one button, in combination with another button, or during quick time movement, this doesn't romance the consumer/user any more less because how quickly frustrating or confusing it could become.

Secondly this article is wrong. Age of Conan is in fact scheduled for Xbox 360 and PC, but so is "The Agency" but from it's counter-part MMO brethren is due out on PC and PS3 that might include cross-play, something that might not be included in Xbox 360's Age of Conan, gimped.