Wii is a Gamecube?

From QJ: "No matter how much one will argue based on previous statements by Nintendo, the Wii is in-fact a Nintendo Gamecube redesigned! I've been told this several times by a friend of mine who just detests this poor little console, but I'm still a firm believer in the new design and controller. I'm in it for the gameplay, not the graphics (like many of the Wii enthusiasts are).

Well, it seems that the "Wii's brains" have finally been uncovered from an IBM datasheet which discussed, in essence, displayed that the Wii's broadway CPU is only a redesign of the Gamecube's Gekko CPU in a smaller package and faster performance. In the past there were several rumors that the Wii would be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles in terms of graphics, but with the recent screenshots (I'm looking at you Farcry!), it is anything but that."

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TheMART4462d ago

Well everybody knew that I guess...

So why did Nintendo cover the specs? Because it's inferior to next gen gaming.

So why is Sony covering the RSX specs? Because it's inferior to the 360 GPU

Raist4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

You seem to be the last guy on earth who doesn't know (want to know ?) the RSX specs.

Remmy4462d ago

That my friend,is a very good comment you've posted here.

calderra4462d ago

Gotta throw it out again: "So why the hell do I have to pay $250 when I already own a GameCube"?

Add lightbar and a modem to a Gamecube- Voila! It's a Wii. Oh, maybe it's not as small as a Wii. But it doesn't cost $250 either.

THWIP4462d ago

The R&D for the "new tech" in the Wii is NOWHERE NEAR what MS and Sony have invested in their 100% new consoles. $250 is waaaay too much for an upgrade of a 5 y.o. console I can get at a pawn shop for $50, or new for $99. For $50 more, you can get a core 360, which is still a much better deal than the Wii.
Early rumors had the Wii priced at $179-$199; $179 would've been a fair price, IMO.

ChickeyCantor4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

why is this still going on?
get a Wii and a PS3 or 360 and shut up about it, you say its a GCN? then dont get it.

and dont ignore it.......we all know its gonna sell

rigo924462d ago

Agreed with 4,actually the official spec has been revealed and a 900Mhz processor sounds more like a "beefed up" Xbox to me. (Original xbox was 733) rather than "ZOMG add a light bar, and new controllers to a GC and you have a wii!" besides, dont forget the wii has built in wi-fi ands takes both full size disks and GC disks. The storage capacity of a regular DVD would have been impossible on GC.

death monk4462d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I thought the Wii's CPU is running at 700 something, not 900.

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