Here Are Two More Battlefield 4 Xbox One Gameplay Videos, From Russia with Love

Two more gameplay videos of Battlefield 4 on Xbox One from Igromir. The first shows some shooting action, while the second shows a frustrated player, probably due to the reported controller lag.

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sandman2242025d ago

Looks smooth. It's about time console versions of bf series goes 60 frames. I can't wait till we see some video comparisons of ps4/Xbone of battlefield 4 and call of duty ghost.

RedDeadLB2025d ago

Looks smoother than on my PC.

thrust2025d ago

Why are you looking forward to the comparisons?

am looking forward to playing it.

malokevi2025d ago

No kidding... I won't even be around to see the comparisons. that's how much I care. I'm going to be plenty busy come Nov. 22nd.

TekoIie2025d ago

Domination is such a boring mode :/

I want to see more Levelution dammit!!!!

MethCupcakes2025d ago

Dog.. Stop that.. DOM is the best Game Mode in BF AND COD.

Majin-vegeta2025d ago

Looks like the AK-12 has already been nerfed in this build.

Animal Mutha 762025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Trust me I played this on X1 at Eurogamer and it runs like the wind. Fast, smooth and crisp. I only saw a frame tear once and it was in the top 3rd of the screen.

100% purchase no questions asked. Imagine console BF3 running smooth like CoD at well over 720p. The PC players have had it so good. This felt like playing on PC at high settings.

Only thing I didnt like is that they have moved the spot button to R1 and the flight throttle controls are on the left stick rather than triggers (I crashed a chopper trying to work it out ;-))

sandman2242025d ago

Did you play both ps4 and Xbox one? If so witch one did you like better and why?

Animal Mutha 762025d ago

Battlefield 4 was only available to play on Xbox One. They used 64 consoles all in 2 sets of 32 players. 32 on Conquest and 32 on Obliteration (bomb carrying).

As an Xbox 360 BF3 player with 20days on the clock I can tell you it was really really good.

If you get a chance to try a demo in a shop or show then jump at it. You wont regret it.

If the PS4 version is comparable then console BF players are in for a real treat. It almost felt like playing a PC game.

SirBillyBones2025d ago

The spot button on R1 makes a hell of a lot more sense for spotting on the fly. I went back and played BF3 and spotting using the back button feels ridiculous.

Also, just change the button layout to Veteran (Y)

Animal Mutha 762025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Fair enough I just prefer it on the back button especially when having a sniper session I can move my viewpoint with right stick, scope with left trigger and spot with back button. It just works for me and I guess its what you are used to.

We didn't get enough time to mess with the control schemes at the EGX show but I did see that you can select veteran when I tried the 360 beta. I still think the spot is stuck to R1 just the flight controls change. I could be wrong.

arexw2025d ago

Guess its decent enough looking for entry level gpu's.
Still way better on the platform its actually meant to be played on

TheBurger292024d ago

yup pc master race yup look at everybody who cares

arexw2019d ago

I worked my ass off and i paid for a 2300$ pc, i got bragging rights. Do you not understand that calling me pc master race is a compliment??? Sonyponies are so sad... But then again this is NewsforSonyPonies

SnotyTheRocket2024d ago

PC Mustard race, console needs to Ketchup. AMIRITE?