Amazon UK Sending Out PS4 Bundle Emails to Pre-Order Customers

Amazon UK has started sending out emails to pre-order customers allow them to upgrade their package to one of 6 bundles. The bundles differ slightly from the ones GAME are offering, and range from £389 for the PS4 with a game to £489 for the Mega Pack with FIFA 14.

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sweendog2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Got my email today opted for the killzone + controller x2 + camara. Not sure why I want a camara but its basicaly free, as adding just a controller to my old order would be more expensive

HardcoreGamer2024d ago

i really dont favour this idea, but its gotta be done because this is how the world is today

sweendog2024d ago

What idea? do you not like free camaras?

HardcoreGamer2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

sorry i was vague, if they force me to upgrade i dont think i cant get the money unless i sell my old consoles, which at moment i dont want to .

2024d ago
MartinB1052024d ago

I'm still waiting for my e-mail; I placed my preorder on the 30th May, so I'm thinking I should probably get a mail pretty early. Would you mind telling when you placed your preorder?

sweendog2024d ago

29th of may you should be first in line the pre orders didnt start until the 28th

WeaseL2024d ago

Placed mine on the 30th May got my e-mail yesterday.

MoonConquistador2024d ago

My preorder is with Asda in the UK, hope they do something similar

Feocart2024d ago

This might be a little problem that Amazon UK will face. The £429 – PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadowfall & DriveClub (Adrenalin Pack) shows an incorrect image. The image shows Need For Speed Rivals instead of Driveclub.

Hopefully, this will be changed to reflect that, lol.

sweendog2024d ago

Its a typo mate. The pack comes with NFS but for some reason this article thaught it came with Driveclub

2022d ago