New Leaked Images for 'Pokemon X and Y' Show Off a Legendary

8CN: More leaked images are popping up for X and Y, but the most recent one may be the most exciting. Or most dissapointing, depending on your preference. Legendary Pokemon Zygarde was posted today, filling out the trifecta we've been accustomed to in recent generations.

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cloud4953404d ago

So I guess it's back to the classic formula of releasing two game then a third.

IMO, the Z pokemon looks pretty ugh. I'll stick with Y since I think Yveltal looks the best.

-Foxtrot3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

It's pretty clever it being like that because I can defiantly see that being the Pokemon Z Mascot by the shape of it.

Well I think I'll hang on and get that instead next year

TekoIie3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Kind of crappy design tbh :/

I'll probably warm up to it like most of the others.

abc12333403d ago

Badass looking charizard outweighs the meh legendary, X for me

CaptainPunch3404d ago

Don't like the design as well

RobbyGrob3403d ago

An anorexic deer with a body-mass index of 10 and a crown that would break its neck if it relaxed for two seconds along an intensely embrace-prone vulture with a hand sticking out of its crotch.

What's not to like? Japan in its prime.

mitchell11883404d ago

This is old news. And yes the design is horrible. Didn't Will Smith kill something like that in men in black?lol

OhMyGandhi3403d ago

you talking about edgar?

Kalebninja3404d ago

i like the design but im still mad that this gen has less than half the amount of new pokemon then the 5th gen they better give us more when they release z

trenso13404d ago

for a legendary the design is kinda piss poor, and an ice type is going to completely wreck it.

TripC503403d ago

Honestly, I like this kind of legendary instead of a tiny mew type legendary.

trenso13402d ago

they always have have a third legendary and the the tiny "fairy" legendary i.e Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, manphy etc.. I hope we get a tiny legendary again. But I am like gen VI a lot more than V so far, it is only this and the sword pokemon that im not too fond of.

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The story is too old to be commented.