Expiration for Marketplace Videos?

MGC News has discovered that, sometime in the future, Marketplace videos may very well expire after some time. Digital Rights Management is nothing new to certain industries, however, the control of Marketplace downloaded videos is a bit troublesome. Why would one have videos expire, exactly?

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not my matisyahu videos!!


RBlaze4466d ago

maybe this means that videos may expire from the Marketplace, as in, older videos will be deleted from the marketplace database after a certain expiry date? But the videos will still work if you've got them. I cant see videos that are already on your HD not working

darktangent4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

Well we recently heard that M$ is going to give Gold members a head start on live content. I feel that this move to having content that expires is a part of this. I have heard that the new Zune that M$ is releasing will allow you to share the content that you have downloaded from the Zune service with a friend. The shared content expires after a certain amount time. So what if the expiration is something that will only affect Silver Members? That way if you go Gold you get all the perks. Stay silver and you have to wait to download new content and are not able to hold on to downloaded media. Purely speculation but it seems plausible.

Sidherich4466d ago

maybe we will be able to download movies that way? Like an online video rental store or something

uuuunvnv24466d ago

I have heard that we will get a direct tv blade in the future, so maybe its for movies on damand. But if its not and its just for game videos, why do i care if they delete it after a few months. i mean how many times can you watch the "mad world" GOW video anyways????

fjtorres4466d ago

...after all, they just added a Video Marketplace to Live, no? A marketplace is where you *sell* stuff.
It may also be to accomodate video streaming of DRM'ed content via UPnP (Windows Media Connect, WMP11, etc)
For those that may not be aware of it, the 360 can stream DRM'ed content so it is perfectly feasible to download music and video from online sites (Cinemanow, Movielink, Akimbo, Amazon, etc) that comes with expiration dates. Specifically, video rentals from these online stores typically have a one-month shelf-life after D/L and a 48 hour playback window from when first played when you ca view the video repeatedly.
With the MCE client, the DRM issues are dealt with on the server PC. With UPnP they are dealt with on the client side; the 360 Video player app.
A third possibility is the HD-DVDs are supposed to come with pre-ripped DRM'ed versions of their content for storing on PCs or streaming across a home network. So, again, putting the expiration date front and center is required.
Best guess is this has nothing to do with expring freebies.

benihya4466d ago

few days ago I tried to play a racing game, and I got a screen that say this demo is expired

DEIx15x84465d ago

Rockstar's Table Tennis game expired as well. That is why i keep my OXM subscription. The demos on their allow me to clear my hard drive and they never expire.