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At the end of the day, if you’re not planning on picking up the next-gen versions of the games, this current-gen iteration appears pretty polarizing.

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BigShotSmoov0072021d ago

I'm having alot of fun with the game. The graphics looks muddy and bland but I didn't expect much from a beta anyways but I'm sure once the game comes out on the 360, they'll have that HD download again and the game will look better. I'm going to use the the 360 as the tutorial where I can learn the controls and how each map looks and feel so when I get it again for the X1 I'll be ahead of the curve.

Aleithian2021d ago

My impression is that the current-gen console version is a waste of money.

MidnytRain2021d ago

Pretty much... I know they have an install base and all, but the current versions are clearly playing tag-along to the what's hitting shelves a month later.

twinspectre2021d ago

my impression is that BATTLEFIED has become literally COD :(

TekoIie2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Its not literally COD. With that said it has took a step closer because people have started quickscoping :/

Vic_Mackey2021d ago

Powerups, lack of indepth stats after match, extremely dumbed down sniping. It's cod.

TekoIie2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Tanks, jets, jeeps, commander, squads, levelution... Its not COD.

first off power ups = COD? Thats like saying Halo+sprint=COD. Lack of indepth stats after a match? I would say thats good because people care way too much about stats and K/D today.

But your final point is correct, sniping is extremely easy now. I can only assume its because the commander/AC-130 in the full game will just smite them.

I'll need to play the full game to find out :)

dcj05242021d ago

If a game has a scope to quick they will wuick scope it. Should we take scooes out?

TekoIie2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


Oh you presented such a clever and thought provoking flaw to my claim that quickscoping is in BF4/s

... Dont twist my words -_-

If you aim with a weapon labeled as a "sniper rifle" with a scope over 4x, while being shot at with an automatic AR, Carbine, PDW or LMG and get the kill within two sconds of aiming, you are quickscoping

You can even remove the part where your being shot at and and point still stands.

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GentlemenRUs2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Unlike CoD however... Battlefield games takes 2-4 years to make ;)

Unlike "Rehash of doggy"...

OmegaShen2021d ago

Thing is, BF4 has alot of problems that BF3 had. One of them is not being able to reload your weapon and if you are lucky. After a few secs it will load the numbers saying you have ammo.

I been seeing alot now that parts of the game seem to lag, like a wall no longer being there an comes back. Or the worst, snipers that seem like they leave the game but come back standing somewhere else. The thing I hate is that it seems if you show a rpg at a tank or even at a person close range, it is most likely will fail and not kill them.

kevcampbell2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I find the beta keeps crashing my PS3, apart from that it is all very fun to play, well apart from the new helicopter controls

BigShotSmoov0072021d ago

Yeah, it's happened to my 360 also so I guess it's across all consoles.

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