Feedbackula - GTA Online Server Sacrilege

With GTA Online having a slightly bumpy start, a large portion of our community is pretty frustrated. Rather unwisely, Johnny steps in to see if he can help out a bit.

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GarrusVakarian2023d ago

Haha, those voice-overs were pretty funny.

*Snobby voice* "This would never happen on a PC release".

Audiggity2022d ago

I love how there are "open letters" and videos and articles about how annoyed people are...

Shouldn't that be how annoyed people "were"??? I mean, since the newest patches went live, the only ones complaining are websites looking for traffic.

Outside of the vanishing characters/properties/cash - there doesn't seem to be much complaining going on at the moment.

Perhaps the squeaky wheels are too busy in Los Santos?

FragMnTagM2022d ago

I am having more problems post patch.

When it works, it is a blast, but waiting to get in is getting annoying.

Audiggity2022d ago

I had problems with all three Gears of War when it came to connectivity/delayed lobbies, and they were using a pre-existing engine with off-the-shelf netcode.

I hear you though... it is frustrating, but, I think the fact that it is the first truly unique MP game in quite sometime certainly accelerates the annoyance of it not working flawlessly!

HammadTheBeast2022d ago

It's still not near perfect though. What most people are mad about is that this happened despite Rock star knowing it would happen, despite the 2 week delay, and the fact that they've been breaking records left and right, then screwing up this bad, is what's frustrating. Overall, it's a great experience. But kind of flawed.

Audiggity2022d ago

Agreed, I did notice a few hiccups last night. I'm hopeful that with another patch in the coming month - we'll see another round of improvements.

One suggestion: Rockstar seems very open to the community in terms of issues/problems/suggestions - I am going to start documenting what goes wrong and sending it to them in the hopes of a long-lasting GTA Online, particularly if this bridges the gap to Next Gen/PC versions and your character data comes with it.