Xbox One and Playstation 4 Fans Need To Call Off The Dogs and Focus On The Games

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that asks fans of both Sony and Microsoft to end the waves of negativity and instead enjoy and focus on the pending console releases and the great games that are coming up.

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yankolo2027d ago

Yeah men chill ...just enjoy your new toy and thats it.

Garethvk2027d ago

I agree. There are pros and cons tto both systems. However unless a person has played them, they should not flame those who have for their opinions.

Godmars2902027d ago

The thing is, there are none. There are no games on either system which actually prove the need for those systems, or shows what they can do. Its just too early in their cycles to show such. Will likely take years and need to be an exclusive title.

malokevi2027d ago

Lol. Ok bud. After playing the 32p bf4 beta, I have reason enough. That's just 1 game/feature. I can think of a dozen more.

Garethvk2027d ago

Killzzone, INFAMOUS and others willl shine but more are needed.

Bathyj2027d ago

While its true theres nothing mind blowing at launch I still definitely want Killzone as it it looks to freshen a great series and I definitely dont want Watchdogs on a current gen machine.

Im not really getting a PS4 for anything thats on it right now, I'm getting it for the awesome games that I know are coming cos Sony has never not delivered. Nearly 20 years of buying their machines has taught me that.

sprinterboy2027d ago

Disagree bra, ps4 for me has kzone 4, driveclub, resogun and war thunder at launch and really looking fwd to playing those games

JediDiah2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I love games....Console Wars is for children.

ruefrak2027d ago

I'm all for the console wars. Pick a side and then protect that side with everything you have. "It's all about the games" is a stupid motto. I could care less about the games on a platform I don't own. I'm not going to buy both systems, so I'll buy the best one and defend it as the best one. Screw the games coming out on the other consoles.

Sayai jin2027d ago

"Defend" what? A piece of plastic? You'll be fighting an imaginary "war". Working hard and not getting paid for it. While I respect others opinion, I think its ridiculous to say game consoles are not about gaming. I hope your comment was sarcasm at play.

Hicken2027d ago

Defend his purchasing decision, like people do with everything else they buy, be it cars or clothes.

Gaming consoles ARE about the games, but especially when the industry has gotten to be as big as it is now, it's about a lot more than JUST that.

That's why people don't want to be lied to by the console manufacturers. That's why they get pissed when those manufacturers can't get their message straight. Or when developers like Phil Fish talk too much. Or when their rights as consumers are threatened.

And so on.

And as Geo says right below(and prior to your comment), it also spurs on the manufacturers to try and outdo each other in order to maintain, gain, or REgain their user base. That, in turn, benefits games and gamers... usually.

The "all about the games" mantra that's been trying to catch on recently is a deflection, designed to draw attention away from the abysmal public showing Microsoft has had since the XB1 reveal. It's designed to protect Microsoft from the well-deserved drubbing it's getting right now. And that drubbing is good for them: it forces them to work harder, which benefits us as gamers.

But that only works when people aren't making excuses left and right, and saying, "Since when does all of this matter? It should only be about the games."

ruefrak2026d ago

A little sarcasm, a little truth. Why is it in the gaming realm you can't have an irrational passion toward one team over the other? In football, if you're a Bears fan, you don't go to a Bears/Packers game and say, "I don't care who wins, it's all about the football." You'd get punched in the face if you said that. You have a team, you picked your, and you're going to cheer for your team. And in the case of sports, it's all viewed as perfectly normal. But transition the exact same behavior to the competition between Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC and suddenly it becomes absurd. But the battle between these companies is not really different than a sport, it's just that the score is kept in a different way. Instead of points on a board, it's units sold, marketshare, mindshare. And in the sport of the console wars, you can actually help your team win buy opening your wallet. No amount of shouting at my TV or buying jerseys is ever going to help the Cubs win the World Series.

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