GameTap: Unreal Tournament 3 - Xbox 360 gamers can now join the UT3 party

GameTap writes: "It simply felt a little weird to be playing Unreal Tournament 3 on the PC and the PS3, but not the Xbox 360. After all, Epic's Unreal Engine works fine and dandy on both consoles, and previous Unreal titles have graced the Xbox. Well, while Epic took a bit of extra time to get UT3 running on the Xbox 360, it's also used this time to add some extra content for this version as well.

The main addition can be summarized with just one word: maps. There's a whole lot more maps out of the box for the Xbox 360 version. For one thing, the maps that have been available as bonus downloadable content for the other versions are already bundled in this version. Additionally, there will be five new maps exclusive to the Xbox 360 version."

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Rick Astley3835d ago

Not worth buying if it doesn't have any mod support. UT without the mods just lol.

kewlkat0073835d ago

of the "open" architecture of the PC and now the PS3, but sheesh, when you look at it every "shooter" could implement Mod support if they wanted to, but we still buy other shooters, that have limited Maps, as well as "DLC" maps so "not worth buying" is ludicrous.

Does that mean if it had Mod support, PS3 fans would be praising it? Knowing it will look more polished + Mods? I doubt it, there would be some other sh^t to whine about or downplay.

So why does it matter, really, PS3 fans already have and played this game. Well I heard, hardly anyone playing it much online though.

I hear it all the time, if this game was to debut on the 360 first and the PC, we would of heard the "I'm getting it for PC, as it will be the best version". I rarely see 360 fans that said, "I'm getting it on the PC instead", when it came out for the PS3 and PC platform. There is always a reason why one would pick the PS3 version of a multi-plat game, even if the 360 version was superior in any way.

Personally, I've taken a break from shooters. Been playing XBL + PSN games and RPG's. Waiting for fighters and probably NG2.

Bladestar3835d ago

Aparently not worth buying at all concidering the fact that the first and only game to have mod on a console also was a flopped in terms of sales... One would think that the all might and powerful mod master UT for the PS3 would sell like hot cakes... correct me if I am wrong if gamers (specially PS3 gamers) would care so much about mods don't you think this game would sell at record levels?

Now I wonder what developers would say if the xbox 360 version sells more companies than the PS3 even without mods...

ohh and be sure that Microsoft is going to allow mods eventually; that is if it's worth the trouble... sadly the PS3 didn't seem to prove it was worth the trouble since it flopped in terms of sells... and even a COD4 map pack sells more copies in 7 days than this game...

If the PS3 version would of sell like crazy proving that the majority of people care about mods we would be having a different conversation...

Micrososft will add mods when it worth having mods... maybe developers one day can add the editor directly into the game in order not to create security holes...

power of Green 3835d ago

Forget what the troll Rick Astley" says if you like fragging buy it its better than the PS3 version no one knows about the mods.

Fishy Fingers3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I kind of agree. MoDs would be more difficult on 360 gamers. The lack of browser on the console means you'd be forced to get them from a PC. But with the PS you can simply just their browser, and just easily DL PS compatible MoDs with just one click. load UT 3 clicks later your mods is installed and ready to use.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13835d ago

1.Fire World (House Burner!!!) ;-D
2.Red Ring of Death island (RRoD!!!) ;-D
3.Windy City (Noisy Fan) ;-D
4.Pay2Play Dungeon (Pay to play on-line???WHY???) ;-D
5.Zzzzzzz I'm SLEEPY (Micro$ofts World!!!) ;-D

+PlayStation Fans don't need 3rd Rate P.C games like the xBox 360 does!!! ;-D
Epic are Bitter that we didn't buy this cr*p game!!!
(No 4player off-line split-screen mode with Bots???) No thanks! Jog'on!!! ;-D

Hatchetforce3835d ago

Anyone that plays the PS3 version knows what anyone that has ever played UT knows. It has always been about user mods, maps, and mutators and now the major feature of UT history will not be freely moving onto the 360 and that called getting shafted.

Max Power3835d ago

and raise you the infinite possibilities of the human mind.

call if you think you have the grapes

Captain Tuttle3835d ago

No one bought the thing for the PS3. All those mods didn't help it move out the door.

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pornflakes3835d ago

more maps on dvd9...
better graphics on 360

and of course million copies sold.. another company that will in future choose the 360 as their lead plattform.

YES we ALL KNOW, without mods ut3 is crap.. same like gears is crap on 360 because the pc version has mods right?? hahaha

Ah, and dont forget they had 6 months more time, thats why it looks better.. although at the beginning ut3 was ps3 exklusive, rofl!

360 > Delaystation3

MrBii3835d ago

More maps?

PS3 version started with 40 maps. 2 free DL maps in feb. And over 100 extra maps that you can DL through mod support.

We have over 60 mutators not counting the standard ones included with the game.

We have over 40 different characters NOT counting the original standard ones. Including green power ranger. Your idol if I remember correctly.

So what do you have?

5 extra maps? LOL how many maps are you even starting out with? 5? That makes it 10 in total no?

Splitscreen mode.

WOW I can truly see how PS3 owners got SHAFTED here, xbot. The reason why you are getting some additional stuff is because you dont have mod support. Pretty much, you have to settle for the next best thing. Which is some additional content that they include.


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