NVIDIA Preparing GK180 Based Tesla K40 “ATLAS’ GPU With Over 4 Teraflops Compute Performance

But moving forward, NVIDIA has plans to introduce a brand new GPU for the high-performance compute market – The NVIDIA Tesla K40 codenamed ATLAS. The NVIDIA Tesla K40 would be based on the latest GK180 chip which features 2880 Cuda Cores with peak single precision performance (SGEMM) of over 4 TFlops and 1.4 TFlops with double precision (DGEMM). The Tesla K40 graphic card would feature 12 GB VRAM with a memory bandwidth of 288 GB/s. The specifications seems remarkably similar to the GK110 based Quadro K6000 which also has a fully enabled GK110 core with 2880 Cores and 12 GB memory but the leaker mentioned that there are a few revision changes made with the new GK180 core.

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CrusRuss2025d ago

Finally 1080p here I come.

ninjahunter2025d ago

Lol, jk, but dang, you gotta do something with that 4 tera.

jeffgoldwin2025d ago


welcome to a few years ago on the pc. now granted more and more effects and mods keep getting upgraded and demanding more gpu power, but 1080p is old news to the pc crowd.

Anarki2025d ago

Well done for pointing that out, clearly you aren't familiar with sarcasm.

Software_Lover2025d ago

And it will be wasted because Devs dont push PC gaming anymore. It's really sickening.

cannon88002025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

While I agree with infamous-butcher, that's only one game and that's the real freaking problem if you ask me. There aren't enough games that push computers. Over the span of a year I put together a 2000 dollar gaming pc and what saddens me is that nothing really pushes it to its limits.

Feralkitsune2025d ago

Yes, cause graphics have totally stagnated with games like Crysis 3, Metro Last Light, Battlefield 4, Star Citizen, and ARMA 3. NO ONE PUSHES HARDWARE ANYMORE!

This is sarcasm for those of you dimwitted enough to have taken that seriously.

Software_Lover2025d ago

I understand what you're saying. I mostly game on PC. But even those games are a very, very small portion of the pc gaming landscape. Most of the time, especially these days, we get console ports.

I understand pc devs have to deal with many configurations and such, but we have 3gb GDDR5 cards out now. PC's with 8+gb of ram. We still get shafted for the most part.

starchild2024d ago


I simply don't agree with this mentality. There are lots of high end multiplats or PC exclusives that push the PC platform.

Games like Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3, Max Payne, and many others, all look way better on PC.

Trying to run those kinds of games with the kinds of anti-aliasing and frame rate that I want in my games takes a lot of power.

If every game was pushing the highest end GPUs to their limit many PC gamers wouldn't even be able to run them and even people with decent cards like my HD 7950 wouldn't be able to run them at the quality levels we desire.

hiredhelp2024d ago

Look heres the deal ports not the problem this gen all weve had was quickly ported games from console thats had to have patches.
But things have changed over the past 12month games like Hitman absalution Far cry 3. Battlefield 3. Crysis3 tomb raider. These games have been this is the key word here OPTIMISED.
This is differnce between a rushed port to a real deadicated port. Where lot less bugs DX11 gets used not just stuck in there when really playing threw dx9.
When we get great optimised ports that means they generally use what we running on so things like MSAA Could take a hit on you you may need fiddlewith that or swap FX AA or tone down few settings with msaa on low.
Thats a game that i like on pc.
Specially ones built in benchmark tool awsome.

5eriously2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I wonder why you get so many disagrees wherever you post? Maybe you should Google/Bing a bit doing at least some research before posting. I can understand vitriol posted by kids that do not know any better but adults should at leasts educate themselves or at least follow their own advise they preach to others, before they attempt to post their misinformation. The ignorance here are astounding

Please explain your claim with links to the facts as your word are meaningless!

Software_Lover2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Who are you? Are you following me? This is sad on so many levels.

Disagrees? If you are on N4G and worry about disagrees then you need to see a psychiatrist.

I could say I love the PS4 and get disagrees. I could say, man the next Halo will be great and get disagrees. Hell, I could say


It's just the nature of the beast.

EDIT:I just found out who you are. I couldn't respond to you because of the bubble system and I dont sent PM's. It seems childish to me. Here is the answer to your question in the previous thread

Yes Sony pays Microsoft to use Windows. The way you worded your response made it seem as if you thought Sony did not pay them. Read it back to yourself. That was the reason for my response.

NarooN2025d ago

This isn't even a card meant for gaming. This is a workstation GPU.

Software_Lover2025d ago

Thank you for the clarification.

ProjectVulcan2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

New consoles seemingly quite weak as they are will help enormously next year in pushing the graphics bar up for most games across PC.

You might complain still about ports from those consoles onto PC being a bit lazy and not incorporating much better visuals.

But then its better than ports originating on console hardware far weaker and 8 years old right? The new consoles are a win for PC gamers too.

At least all the devs will have to be setup for modern DX11 graphics architectures, 64 bit operating systems and all learn x86 if they weren't too familiar with it already.

Somebody2025d ago

I used to think the same way but SteamOS says hello.

Valve is trying to get game makers to make games for the PC with its Steam Initiative so this time around I'm actually excited over some new graphic cards announcement.

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Psychotica2025d ago

I can't wait to see how Notepad performs...

Feralkitsune2025d ago

Only filthy casuals use notepad. It's all about that Notepad++. http://notepad-plus-plus.or...

5eriously2025d ago

I shudder to just imagine the price of such beast. I can just hope!

cunnilumpkin2025d ago

man, this is going to be such a long and annoying next gen of consoles with people saying

"the ps4 version looks almost as good as the pc version"

when it will be an even larger mountain of difference between pc and console

last gen, at least for the first year, the console versions of games look somewhat similar, obviously the pc versions had way better res and better anti aliasing

but next gen, the ps4 and xbox1 are so far behind even a 3 year old pc, and the new stuff coming out just utterly obliterates the xbox1 and ps4 making them 100% obsolete

and to the people who say "devs will never use it" and "all that power is wasted"

talk to me when you have played a game like the witcher 2, crysis 3, or metro last light in 2560x1600 at 60 buttery frames

it makes a game like killzone shadowfall look like a freaking ugly launch psp game

Feralkitsune2025d ago

Bullshit, you can't even get 60FPS at 2560x1600 with a 680GTX, which is what you apparently have according to your comment history, unless you SLi it. It's cool to brag and all, but when you throw stuff like the Metro game and Crysis 3 into the picture your lies become a little too apparent.

cunnilumpkin2025d ago

I disable smaa and hbao, everything else maxed and get 45-60 (average about 52) frames in 1600p in the above games with this card

also, i7 2600k sitting stable @ 4.7GHz with 1.36vcore, 16gb ram

my rig pisses on everything I throw at it you even game?

Feralkitsune2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

So you disable the Antiallising you were just bragging about as well as the ambient occlusion just to get sub 60FPS, If you're going to pull the master race card at least have a super computer able to brag about. You have a High end Pc, sure, but not as high as you wish it was.

Source: PC gamer as well, I just don't like the scent of my own fart since I'm a gamer first. I don't feel allegiance to any particluar platform because I like games, not the platforms they run on.

I do game, on PC. I also know all about the tech, so the moment you said that I wanted to see if I could find out your PCs specs thinking they must be pretty impressive, I was disappointing. You're making us look bad bro, just chill and go play your games.

And here's a video I uploaded recently from my PC. BF4 at Ultra 1080p before you try to say I lie about anything having to do with being a PC gamer.

xKugo2025d ago

2560x1600 @ 60fps on your 680? Playing The Witcher 2? Playing Crysis 3? Riiiiight.
Come back when you're ready to stop lieing, bro cookie.

bumnut2024d ago

I have a 780 and get around 40 fps @ 1440p in Metro. I think he is telling porkies.

ssj272025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Excuse me.. but a Tetris running on 8k does not equal better graphics than Killzone Shadow Fall.
Yes PC gamers the %5 of you( those with $1000+ 2013 pc's) will have the advantage to run their games at 4k better fps and maybe other enhancement, but that does not make a game better in graphics or technology term, is just a advantage that raw power will give you.

So far Killzone Shadow Fall will be the most advanced graphics and technology game ever made.

More fps or resolution does not equal better technology in a game or graphics but it does enhanced the experience.

Let's not forget even carmak said that PS4 equals by 2 the raw power of PC and those words are by someone who actually seem to know what he is saying .

KzSF a Atari game lol that shows how stupid you are.

sorane2025d ago

"So far Killzone Shadow Fall will be the most advanced graphics and technology game ever made."

Uhh no it's won't be. Take your goggles off. I've seen Crysis 1 videos that put it to shame and that game is 6 years old. Gets even worse when you compare it to modern games.

ssj272025d ago

LOL crysis 1 is a PSN game... iy has some pretty mods but it's a current gen console game using current gen technology and Killzone Shadow Fall is a next gen game using next gen technology ..

Again tetris 8k does not equal better technology or graphics just because is running on 8k res at 1.000fps .

I don't understand why is so hard to understand such a simple thing.

I bet Crysis 4 will equal KillzoneSF technological features and I'm sire it will maybe have better tech but until then don't act like KILLZONE SF is not technologically more advanced than any PC or console game just because you have a Titan grf card in you PC .. there is not going to be any game with such a great technology and Killzone will set a new standard! I know you dobt like the idea of it but it's what it's.

sorane2025d ago

"LOL crysis 1 is a PSN game"

Yeah I'm not talking about the psn version I'm talking the PC version. The rest of your post is just pure fanboy delusion. You need to learn a bit about technology it seems since you clearly have no idea about it. Take a few days and read up on it. Sorry your beloved ps4 game isn't the technical monster you think it is....

saint_seya2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Hahahaa from 60 buttery frames to 45-60... If u guys keep digging he may end up saying barely 30 fps hahaha.. Some people like to brag, no matter if is true or a clear lie.

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