Head2Head: Battlefield 4 Beta Frame Rate Analysis (PS3 vs. Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for a “sneak peak” Analysis for the Battlefield 4: Beta build. Yesterday, Battlefield 4 Beta Demo became publicly available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This gave us an opportunity to do a preliminary frame rate analysis on these two builds. Now before you start asking why we would do an analysis on a beta build, give us a chance to explain."

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RudeSole Devil3707d ago

Wow EA should have polished the beta a little more before releasing such an ugly game.

fattyuk3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

"Wow EA should have polished the beta a little more before releasing such an ugly game"

Do I have to be the person who explains the word beta to you?

BigShotSmoov0073707d ago

LMAO, I think you might have to tell him the purpose of a beta.

0ut1awed3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Just to be clear I am NOT bashing consoles. Please read it thoroughly like a logical human begin before you come to a judgement.

----------------------------- ----------------

Not to mention we are still on the 360/PS3 here. I'm playing it on the PC and I have to say that it seems like a much more polished version of BF3 for the PC, not really a new game (although all the new stuff is pretty badass).

I think it confirms what I've been saying all along. BF4 is all about bringing the BF3 PC experince to next gen consoles.

So if you're playing on the 360/PS3/PC, don't expect much change from playing BF3 (in comparison to the same hardware). I will say that the PC version does look somewhat better for sure but the overall art style and just general environment is almost ripped straight from BF3.

The 360/PS3 versions will also be fun change from BF3, but again probably not everything you were dreaming for. If it wasn't for the $10 upgrade to the XBONE/PS4 versions, I would honestly just advise you guys to wait the ~1 month for the next gen versions.

You will really get the most out of BF4 on the XBONE/PS4 versions, if you're coming from the previous consoles that is.

spaceg0st3707d ago

Yea, I can see that. For a pc player,
It might just feel like an unnecessary release.. But as a 360 player, I couldn't be more pumped over a release game (ps4) than this! I'm stoked for the upgrades and glad I don't have to wait years for another game for next gen consoles.

Muffins12233707d ago

Really hating this site,never seems to load for me

3707d ago
RudeSole Devil3707d ago

Haven't had any problems getting there for me.

dazzrazz3707d ago

It's called beta for a reason you idiot.

quenomamen3707d ago

Beta or not, its clear that BF4 was not made to run on current gen consoles, the graphics are pretty decent but man is the movement stiff and laggy. BF4 on PS4 or nothing.

Software_Lover3707d ago

Yeah, they should have just scrapped the current gen versions. But they cant run away from money.

5eriously3707d ago

Ughh, it's not getting any better for the eXBone no matter where you look. It all adds up. The PS3 seems to be on top regardless of the fact this is just and incomplete beta!

PlayStation 3: Stats
Clip 1 info:
Length of clip: 9538 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.92
Percent of torn frames: 1.53

Clip 2 info:
Length of clip: 6692 frames
Average FPS of clip: 28.54
Percent of torn frames: 1.0

Global percent of torn frames: 1.92
Global average FPS: 29.35

Xbox 360: Stats

Clip 1 info:
Length of clip: 9538 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.71
Percent of torn frames: 29.71

Clip 2 info:
Length of clip: 6692 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.72
Percent of torn frames: 6.72

Global percent of torn frames: 24.41
Global average FPS: 29.36

fattyuk3707d ago

wtf has any of that got to do with the Xbox one?

5eriously3707d ago

Made by the same company that will represent the eXBone. Remember the PS3 used to be the worst, now what? The 360 suddenly got weaker? The same goes for all the eXBone claims and arguments. So all I can conclude was that the PS3 multiplats was gimped by M$ rules and money and now that it matters less on the Old Gen we see the reality shining through. I may be wrong but I think the same is going to happen with the PS4 eXB0ne multiplats. That makes me worry and wont even consider an eXB0ne anymore!

QuantumWake3707d ago


Your comment still doesn't explain what your original post had to do with the Xbox One. You posted frame-rate analysis of the PS3/360 versions. Let's just wait for the PS4/Xbox One versions to come out before you start assuming things.

"That makes me worry and wont even consider an eXB0ne anymore!"

Yeeeeeah judging by your comment history I doubt you were considering getting an Xbox One anyway. Don't front.

Ju3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

While I admit, this has nothing to do with PS4 & XBone, what I think he is trying to say is, strangely the PS3 outperforms the 360 quite significantly. Now, this could be that the 360 version is not as polished, but I agree that of late, PS3 games seem to pull ahead (even if only so slightly) that it makes me think - that the PS3 was kept on par for a while now and now that the new consoles are coming out, devs don't care so much about that any more - focus is shifting to next gen - and we see improved performance in PS3 games. If that is true, we will see the same for the PS4 titles not improving much over the XBone titles at launch, which is unfortunate.

On topic, though, I like this game more than BF3, interestingly. It looks the same - nothing really outstanding in the rendering department, but it plays differently. Faster. Better hit detection or something. Maybe "easier" to play. It is more dynamic. The destruction can really make a difference because you can "change" the levels during play.

QuantumWake3707d ago


That or developers have finally gotten the hang of the PS3's complicated architecture. There is no denying that the PS3 was the stronger of the two but it's impossible to harness all that power when developing for it is a pain in the ass.

With the Xbox One and PS4 it shouldn't be a problem seeing as they are essentially the same in architecture. And I don't mean tech specs (obviously the PS4 is more powerful). I mean by their AMD CPU & GPU. So we could definitely be seeing multi-platform games perform/look better on the PS4.

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cunnilumpkin3707d ago

man it looks rough on those old boxes

screen tearing like crazy, jaggies everywhere, nasty sub-hd textures

not that it will look much better on ps4 or xbox1, but at least it won't look that bloody awful

fattyuk3707d ago

thanks for your input.

so what would you say is the best console to purchase bf4 for? obviously you've tried all 4 platforms and have analysed them all and compared them with each other.