It took Nintendo 6 months to remaster Wind Waker in HD

Wind Waker HD was just released for Nintendo Wii U. It was originally announced in a Nintendo Direct earlier this year. It had a pretty short time frame from announcement to release; people expected it to be in development for a longer while. It seems like the game apparently took only 6 months to get a HD remaster. Seems pretty short, right?

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QuebecSuperstar2027d ago

A lot of people have a beef with remakes but me, I like them. I wish they would give the same HD treatment to the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

maximus19852027d ago

i have a problem with being sold the same game with new paint job. if they were to say ADD something new story wise then ok

Kalebninja2027d ago

its called a remake not a sequel and the improvements are great the game looks way better and they added new features i hate when ppl ask for so much

Kennytaur2027d ago

You don't HAVE to buy it.
Remasters and remakes are great for those who missed out the first time and for those who are looking for a reason to replay a game. Without them I'd never play God of War 1 & 2, Ico, SoTC, Okami, Wind Waker, Sly... as I was an Xbox owner last gen without a second console.

zugdar2027d ago

So design tweaks, WiiU integration and light effects is not adding anything? If you changed too much people would complain.

nunley332027d ago

they don't need to add anything to the story,it was great as is,adding to it would tarnish it. they can add other things and bonus stuff which is all i want.

TheDivine2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I have a problem with these HD remasters Sony likes to release. Its the same game with a higher resolution, nothing else.

Remakes like this, Halo CE, Fable, OOT, Star Fox 64 exc are all awesome. For one they are all classics games and they also went all out. New graphics, textures, features exc. Compare Wind Waker which looks like a new game to GOW 2 which looks like a less blurry release of the exact same game. One was a labour of love while the other was a cash grab.

Its actually amazing they did this so well so fast. It takes Square two years to upscale a game lol. Warp speed indeed.

stragomccloud2026d ago

No one is making you buy it. I personally like the chance ro replay old PS2/gamecube classics, and I know a lot of younger gamers who are looking forward to opportunities to play these remastered games for the first time.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2027d ago

I agree with you,heck i want ubisoft to remake the sands of time trilogy with next gen graphics,just tighten up the controls,get rid of the annoying glitches,maybe trophy support and im sold day 1

PopRocks3592027d ago

Technically there is an HD trilogy for Sands of Time with Trophy support (I owned it up until I got the trilogy on Steam for like five dollars), but it's just a resolution upscale.

Sono4212027d ago

noo I want a remake of Super smash bros melee with added online support :D OMG I get excited just thinking about it...

Kennytaur2027d ago

It's called "SSB For Wii U /SSB For 3DS"

Amigaengine2027d ago


Melee was much superior to SSB

THamm2027d ago

That Metal Gear Twin Snakes game, now that was a remake. This is a Re Enhance

3-4-52027d ago

It ONLY took them 6 months to make a GREAT HD remake ?

How have we not gotten more of these then ?

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sdozzo2027d ago

How does one remake a game to HD? I think if the general public knew the process more we would have more respect.

Kennytaur2027d ago

It's basically re-doing and/or tweaking every part of the game you can think of. No, seriously.

Feocart2027d ago

"Development was still difficult. You had to consider the difference in hardware at the time."

It's well known that Nintendo struggled to develop games for HD (hence why many of their 1st party titles got delayed), but claiming development was difficult when the game took 6 months to develop? Is this normal? I'm inclined to think otherwise, but I'm no developer.

Please correct me if I'm off-base.

PopRocks3592027d ago

I assume he means developing the engine over again. The game uses none of the GCN game's assets and all of this is made in a new engine they are also using for the new Zelda U game they are making.

Considering that Nintendo was struggling with development on Wii U (take Pikmin 3 for example), it makes sense that it would take a little time to make it work, even with a remake that essentially provides a cheet sheet for the overall level design of the game.

brewin2027d ago

most hd ports are straight up lazy. very rarely do companies take the time to revise anything other than the resolution. Nintendo has done it right with wind waker by fixing everything that I disliked about it ten years ago. They need to give twilight princess and, especially, skyward sword the same treatment. there is a big difference between an hd port and a remake.

DarkLordMalik2027d ago

I know, right.

They even added new gameplay features and fixed some of the issues with the original.

wls10122027d ago

now they should do Mario sunshine..and if you disagree you are worst than hittler

WPX2026d ago

Agreed. Sunshine was such an underrated gem. But i was thinking what if Nintendo did sometime in the future a Mario All-Stars 2 package, consisting of Mario 64 and Sunshine (and if people want, both Galaxies too) and give the same treatment like Wind Waker in graphics

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