Ridge Racer 7 Takes 5GB of Hard Drive Space

If all games are going to be like this, that means on the low-end PS3 you're fitting four games simultaneously, and that's if you don't download any other content. Let's hope there's a way for end users to put larger hard drives into the PS3, especially if we're going to be installing Linux and playing DivX movies off of it

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HyperBear4467d ago

some, actually most, PS3 developers are going to be using more storage in the HDD, to speed up the game. Just like that news topic about Genji using Hard Drive to speed up the games loading times and speed up the game, well thats what RR7 is prolly doing to. I heard other games were using it to, but i forget which ones, so yea. But yea, lets just hope not all games will be doing this, cause yea then we'll get faster games, but then we'll only have space for like 3 or 4 games, an no space for downloading stuff.

yigmalsh4467d ago

yeah and how many of those 1080p game trailers or videos are you going to be able to save to the HDD via online? 1 or 2??? crappy I say, total crap. and no room for upgrading at least as far as i have seen.
They should concentrate more on compressing data IMO....
another reason I wont be buying a ps3....

timmyp534467d ago

you have the low end version just dont install that onto your hardrive (only install the games you like and play the most) and rely on caching for faster load times, as for the 60 gb version they got it good huh?

timmyp534467d ago

stop trying to find things that will not make the ps3 look bad its sorta desperate

drewdrakes4467d ago

Trying to find? Im pretty sure everyone comes across this stuff without looking. Its hard not to see it. And its not like this is a bad thing, loading times are faster. So chill out.

yigmalsh4467d ago

"desperate" is getting all worked up over something someone says if they happen to disagree with you.

dantesparda4466d ago

hm, so "timmy" is out of line for telling people to stop starting sh!t over every alittle bullsh!t, but the guy a post or two above him calling it "crap is fine? Hm, I think its obvious where your biases are. And to the Yim Walsh (or whatever your name is), you say that he is desperate for feeling compelled enough to answer back for what he just read, yet, that is exactly what you just did! do you even realize how hypocritical that is? No, probably not

m234467d ago

So does that mean that the game saves will take up that much space, or is game saves seperate for this? Either way, that is prettty crazy, there would be no point in buying the low end sku then.

Marriot VP4467d ago

that's exactly what I've been saying when they announced it at E3.

I said the 20gb would probably need a HDD upgrade in the future for active gamers because already 2-3 of the developers announced they needed to save stuff on the HDD.

I'm very curious to see how much in each game needs to be downloaded.

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