Portal 3 Trade Mark Filed - This Time Its Authenticated.

A Trade Mark for Portal 3 has been filed to the OHIM. This time however, OHIM has duly checked it before approving it. Whats up Valve? Or are trolls getting smarter?

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cococabana2023d ago

If they can fool the OHIM, then they deserve to troll -....-

TomShoe2022d ago

Portal 3?



xharrypotterx2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

You know what i am not buying that Troll crap... i think Valve got cold feet and thought it was giving out too much hope with the HL3 TM.

Carthage2023d ago

Fingers crossed, if not HL3 than Portal 3 will do for me :P

-Gespenst-2023d ago

I don't think Valve would file an official trademark directly after a fake HL3 trademark. It seems like a strange coincidence that their filing a trademark would pretty much exactly co-incide with some troll filing a Valve trademark. I reckon this is the same troll again but he's worked out how to dupe the trademark authentication aspect.

I reckon he's just trying to force Valve to say something about the status of these games. That and he's trying to show Valve just how hyped people are by putting out evidence that will convince them the games are being made. It all probably shows Valve how badly people want to know about the games, with the hope of them revealing something. It's not gonna work though, and it's just annoying a lot of people. In the long run actually, this kind of crap is just going to defuse people's hype for HL3. Initially, people are convinced these things are official, and get super hyped, but it's all for nothing becuse it turns out to be fake. That exhausts people and certainly hurts the hype. The impact of an ACTUAL HL3 announcement will certainly be reduced because people have already experienced what they thought were official announcements. They turned out not to be of course, but the impact of them is what counts. This is definitely making life harder for Valve. Who knows, it might even necessitate them holding the game back even longer so they can contrive some new more impactful way to announce the game, not to mention like the hype rekindle.

-Gespenst-2023d ago

Oh, thank you! Although, not exactly well said on that last line. Should be "let" not "like".

SpiralTear2022d ago

I agree. Valve would be downright foolish to trademark another game after the Half-Life 3 banter earlier this week.

While I can't say Valve will cave, it does make sense that raising the hype level will theoretically induce some sort of pressure on Valve to drop some hints, but this is Valve. I don't expect their unwritten code of secrecy to be broken so easily.

I guess only time will tell if this "trademark" really means something in the long run.

goldwyncq2023d ago

Either Valve's finally overcoming its triskaphobia, or it's just another trolling attempt.

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