Bladestorm - Trailer

Bladestorm will offer massive battles mixed with strategy, and will be situated in the Western medieval timeframe.

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Wotbot6209d ago

CG was good, but not impressed with the playing graphics.

On par with 99 nights for the 360.

Fuzz McDeath6209d ago

Not to pick on Dynasty Warriors or Koei fans, but this is just one more technically and artisitcally unimpresive game from Koei - I'm just not a fan of their work, it never fails to underwelm me.

As far as being on part with 99 nights, I'm no fanboy, but to me 99 nights has vibrant graphics and effects as well as interesting character designs - to me Bladestorm looks generic. This one will fill a slot in the PS3 launch line-up but doesn't bring much to the table otherwise....

TheMART6208d ago

N3 or lets say Ninty Nine Nights on 360 looks much, much better then this last gen title, nowhere next gen to be seen...

These kind of games are mostly attractive to Japanese gamers, not to western. They just like weird things overthere, they like young girls in strange comics been abused and huge battle fields they don't care so much about the bigger games, graphics and gameplay that is more in favour in the rest of the world.

They're just plain strange. That's also why they are that great PS fans overthere

6208d ago
TheMART6208d ago

Hey ssj4 we are recognize your really bad English, you've been banned before so don't use proxy servers my friend

Mike Oxbig6208d ago

Does anyone know what the hell this guy is talking about because PS3GayLord's post makes about as much sense as an inflatable dartboard. Although I do find it incredibly funny he misspelled pathetic two different ways.