New Wardevil Details, Trailer Coming Soon

Time for another Wardevil update. The people over at the Digi-Guys were kind enough again to supply with not only 1080p versions of the latest screenshots, but a first look at their upcoming 2008 trailer.

These screeenshots are using in-game assets with the game running at 60fps a a resolution of 1080p. According to PSU's source at Digi-Guys, the new trailer will be hitting at the end of this month. So stay tuned to for all your Wardevil updates.

According to the developers over at Digi-Guys, the Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within posters will start to develop some of the style and mood that'll be a part of the game. For those of you who don't know already, Wardevil is a PS3 exclusive and is set to hit sometime near the end of 2008 or possibly early 2009.

The game will feature an all new game engine called, RTE1080, which allows for 60fps animations and 1080p resolutions. As you may have seen in our last screenshot update, the game also features high resolution textures.

Some details the developers have told PSU:

- They are not finished with the game yet, still adding improvements both gameplay wise and graphically.
- They are making good use of the SPU's and streaming off of the Blu-ray disc
- Their goal is to get the Blu-ray film & game to look as identical as there is no transition between game/cinematic

Real gamer 4 life5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

looks like the guys at digi read or comments that we wrote.

Violater5523d ago

"These screeenshots are using in-game assets with the game running at 60fps a a resolution of 1080p"

Does not meat that this is ingame graphics.
Also I hope there is an option to use the character the way he looked a year or so ago.
All we need is more dudes with helmets on.

Bonsai12145523d ago

not to take anything away from this game, but from the one mgs4 preview i read, it seems that kojima already achieved the seamless transition between cinematic and gameplay. thought this game seems to be much more action oriented, i can only hope that its the new DMC

5523d ago
ar5523d ago

The cinematics in MGS4 are already real time rendered. Pretty easy transition then.

Milky5523d ago

I am already hyped for it. Oh heavens...

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BlackIceJoe5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

I hope this game comes out in 09 because right now the end of 08 looks pretty crowded. I do got to say this game looks really cool and have been a fan of this game from the first time I saw a trailer. So I hope the game sells well.

TheHater5523d ago

I agree. With Resistance 2, Socom, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet all come in the fall. Many gamers will pass on this game because of those other four games. But whenever it does come out, I am getting it.

iceman20005523d ago

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poos35523d ago

WHO CARES THIS GAME IS NOTHING LOOK AT IT TOO HUMAN IS 50 HOURS LONGER AND looks much better than this game graphiclly who cares about these sony no name dev games made by who ever and hyped to oblvion by fanboys like lair,heavely sword,persona,disgea ,eye of jugdement,killzone, haze, no 1 cares about these games made by unskilled/unknown devs

sammy_mantra5523d ago

This runs at 1080p at 60 fps...something x360 can only dream off

Heavenly sword is an awesome game. Lair is a good game with analog controls too

What about Hour of victory/Lost odyssey/Blue Dragon/ Two worlds on x360---games which got 2/10 from most websites

Killzone 2 will murder all x360 games when launched. Haze is a great game too

Just because you have nothing good to play on x360 doesnt mean you have trash PS3 games

even Bill gates is shivering at the prospects of KZ2 launch . He knows too that KZ2 will murder all his games on x360

pwnsause5523d ago

dont you wonder why you have 2 bubbles?

ruibing5523d ago

Wow, you memorized all those Sony games just for this. Maybe I should show the 360 the same level of respect...

Statix5523d ago

These guys might be just feeding us lines and hype. 1080p, 60 fps, with THOSE kinds of graphics? I have a hard time absorbing that, especially since they're a smaller, unknown developer. If they actually achieve anywhere near what they're claiming, then they would be outdoing everyone; Naughty Dog, Crytek, Infinity Ward, Insomniac... EVERYONE. Excuse me if I take a wait a see approach, and take their words with a grain of salt for the moment.

SlyGuy5523d ago

I myself am skeptical...

I thought maybe in the PS3's 3rd year or so we might get something like this.

But so soon? I rly hope so.

*crosses fingers*

travelguy2k5523d ago

or early 2009 it will be PS3's 3rd year. So they are right on schedule. ;)

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