If GTA Isn't Your Cup Of Tea...Why?

Despite that critical average of 97, not everyone is going to like Grand Theft Auto V. And if you've never been a fan of the franchise, it's time to explain.

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GaminGuys2028d ago

Well the online balls up wasn't a good start when you take a day off to review it, then 2 days later, still can't get on for starters. GTA the game looks ok with alright graphics but as a package they sucked from word go.

I like GTA, however, what an error of server mismanagement and testing.

FAT MAN GO BOOM2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I am sorry never been a fan of GTA, All senseless cursing and swearing, Disgusting morality is not my cup of tea.

GTA could and can be an on the edge game pushing limits without all of the garbage they have in it...

GTA is a skid row game...

That said...

I have played a few of them off of a friends game.... have tech wise it is a great game.. It has great control and gameplay physics specially with the feel of the different cars... Vice City was one that nailed it the best... out of all of them... That would be the only one I would been interested in owning... but still that was over the top for me... It does not bother me others like it have no reason for it too...

GTAIV is just driven off the cliff with any kind of sense of boundaries...

This is why I will never own one or buy one of them...

I like to relate at least a little to the characters I am playing... main reason I don;t like GTA games... If you have a problem with me disliking it you should ask yourself why does that bother you. Why do you need validation that this game is good or excellent? Specially by those that don;t like it?

Hufandpuf2027d ago

What games do you play where you relate to the main character?

Naga2027d ago

Games like Mass Effect, where you can decide whether or not the main character is a dislikeable dirtbag? Or Splinter Cell and Metal Gear, where you play human beings trying to save human beings while actually acting like human beings. The list goes on and on, man. Hating the main character(s) is not the norm, nor is it a commendable quality.

StockpileTom2027d ago

Sometimes it takes itself a little too seriously and it comes off as cheesy.

Hicken2027d ago

Never clicked for me. Enjoyed a bit of Vice City, but the games are really about doing whatever the hell you want, and that just gets old for me after a while.

SegaGamer2027d ago

I like GTA but that's it, i don't love it. People don't have to like it, we all have different tastes, Eternal Sonata is better than any GTA game ever made.