Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions (Xbox 360 Version)

6aming's Patrick jumps into Battlefield 4 in the new open beta on the Xbox 360. Check out his first impressions within.

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timothyckeegan2026d ago

I don't know, I believe the graphics in BF3 and BF4 didn't change a lot.

Hufandpuf2026d ago

That's because BF3 was already next-gen capable.

timothyckeegan2026d ago

Can't wait to play the game on next generation with 64 max players.

edgarohickman2026d ago

I will buy both Call of Duty and Battlefield for my PS4.

Apollo12026d ago

Same here knowing that BF4 will be better.

colinf4382026d ago

I have to say bf4 felt a little off the first time I played, but you adapt quickly and it becomes enjoyable

dethpuck2026d ago

The graphics in the beta are terrible in current gen. I'm hoping the iron out the graphics for the full release. I'll be on 360 for 3 weeks until x1 drops

Mutant-Spud2025d ago

I thought the beta was OK, the movement speed and head bob is a little bit lumpy but I guess it's meant to simulate a person weighed down by their gear, other than that it's fine, more of the same really which is good.