OXCGN @ EB Games Expo 2013: Day One Snapshots


Another year, another EB Games Expo.

Once against OXCGN are present at the event, to bring you our impressions on some of the most anticipated titles on the horizon.

Here’s a glimpse of what we got to check out.

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Bigpappy2025d ago

He talks about other games, but this is what he had to say in conclusion:

These moves slow down time and zoom in, allowing you to perform different combinations of attacks for more experience and higher execution rankings.

These executions are easily one of the most gory and gruesome kill animations I’ve seen in a game, rivaling games like God of War.

Ryse plays incredibly well on Xbox One.

The graphics are phenomenal and you feel every hit thanks to the controller’s new vibration technology. The ever changing arena floor provides a great mix up in combat wave to wave and the enemies can prove to be quite aggressive.

If you are buying an Xbox One this year, Ryse should be on your must-buy list.

level 3602024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Gotta comment about PS4 upstairs booth - before you could even go there, you need to register somewhere at the back groundfloor area before falling in-line. Quite a hassle really.

Was hard with a lot of gamers in there. I saw a lot of anxious but also tired people at the queue.

Same with GT6 stand. There is like a mini-bleacher stand set-up before you can actually sit in for your turn at the wheel.

Maybe this is a testament that PS4 will be more in demand once it comes out on 29th November here? Most likely.

Whereas XBox ONE was the opposite with a lot of playable games and kinect only taking seconds if you want to try out their new console.