Check Out the First Brave Japanese Gamers in Line to Preorder a PS4

While online preordering is starting to become a widespread practice in Japan, there are still quite a few hardliners that like to take part in the ceremony of standing in line for hours on end in front of their favorite shop to be between the first to bring their favorite game home, or in this case, to put their name down for a PlayStation 4.

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Xsilver2027d ago

Build it and they will come.

xHeavYx2027d ago

Nothing compared to the crazy people who waited 15 days for an iPhone

GTgamer2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Well in all fairness doesn't the ps4 come out in February for Japan so why are they their now when they could hop online and do it.

the worst2027d ago


Dee_912027d ago

haha they look like homeless people with handhelds

miyamoto2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

15 days waiting for an iPhone is nothing compared to waiting for the saviour of gaming - the PlaySavior 4

gaffyh2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

LOL at the last guy in the first pic with a 3DS, when the two before him have Vitas. Also, it looks like he has an umbrella growing out of his head.

donman12026d ago

Yep, iSheep are a real crazy bunch.

XB1_PS42026d ago

I have an iPhone 5, and I have to say. It's pretty mediocre.. I'd much rather have a Galaxy s4..

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reko2027d ago


just incase, preorders might be sold out.

GTgamer2027d ago

I just saw the other article their already sold out online in Japan damn that was fast.

majiebeast2027d ago

Lets be honest they arent waiting in line for the PS4, they are waiting for that new Kamen rider belt.

HardcoreGamer2027d ago


EFFORTxLESSgame2026d ago

my question is will it even be on pre-order. its just not that popular over there.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2027d ago

16 degrees Celsius is 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit not 42.

Anyway, I admire their commitment. I personally would just take the easy option of pre-ordering online.

Abriael2027d ago

Fixed, looks like I found a lemon of a converter.

To be fair, it's you guys' fault for using a wacky scale for temperature :P

deep_fried_bum_cake2027d ago

Hey don't blame me, I'm not a Fahrenheit user.


Rhaigun2026d ago

Nah. It just means we go into negative digits a lot less frequently. We're an optimistic bunch.

GiggMan2027d ago

That is so cool lol. Some of them look like homeless people with handhelds. Pure dedication

GutZ312027d ago

Almost as stupid as waiting for the new iPhone....
But at least the people waiting in line arnt just blinded by brand loyalty, or are they....?

Ch1d0r12027d ago

Well some of us are *gult*.

Army_of_Darkness2027d ago

There's a slight difference though. These guys are lining up every 7-8 year's for a new PlayStation console, while the isheeps line up for a minor iPhone tweak every year ;-p

EFFORTxLESSgame2026d ago

im waitng in line for it and the xbox one. im lyal to neither im just a gamer.

CyberSentinel2027d ago

Quick poll.... How many people would choose unlimited games, systems, big screen tv, sound system all included free of charge, or true love?

Agree = True Love. Disagree = unlimited free game package

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kingPoS2027d ago

Reminds of some cheesy b movie i saw, magnet something something.

Tru luv!

FamilyGuy2027d ago

Lol, not even a comparison to me, true love and then pay for my stuff as I always have. It'd be an interesting question if choosing true love meant you could never play video games again or something.

pixelsword2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

True love always wins:

True love makes a prison a palace and years appear to be a few days, so your Atari 2600 wouldn't matter, as you'd be playing it with someone you love.


If you have that tricked-out system, you'd still be lonely.


PsylentKiller2026d ago

Already have true love, so I'll take the games thing especially since my fiancée likes to play games as well.

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