GTA: Online?

A billion bucks and 2 weeks to plug in a few servers; should The GTA Online launch have been smoother? We decided to ask an expert.

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GarrusVakarian2984d ago

Seems to be a lottery at the moment. Ive been on since Tuesday. But i know others are still having problems. Im not on at the moment because for some reason none of the missions or activities will load, same for all my friends.

SolidStoner2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

A very good read.. he explains how everything works, and why it dosnt work.

meanwhile (playing on ps3) I was able to get level 14, the online part is so awesome the more I play the more I want it.. and with friends its 10 times more fun...

but all those lodings and freezes.. cant they just give us a hint a message.. online is offline, try later... and thats it, instead it gives 20 types of errors and freezing time to time.. and I cant understand why I am the host every time.. and no one joins.. it takes too much time to find people.. on and on...

pompombrum2984d ago

I've not had much problems getting on with the 360 version and currently rank 32. The only problem I've had is spending money on an apartment only for it not to show it as bought the next time I logged in.

Regardless of whether they should have had the server capacity issues sorted for launch, for me, it's obvious they should have released it as an open beta to help iron the bugs out instead of doing a full release while openly admitting we should expect problems.

fattyuk2984d ago

Sorry but i hate all this moaning.

It'll all be up and running smoothly at some point.

Rockstar even said before online was released that it wouldnt be a smooth journey.

As for the whole I've bought a product that doesn't work... what aload of bollox.

GarrusVakarian2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Its a frustrating situation because on the one hand we waited two weeks for something that doesn't work 100%....but on the other they told us to anticipate these problems before release.

Just find something else to do while R* fix this. People are acting like their lives depend on playing GTAO. Mine stopped working a few hours i turned my PS3 off and did something came to N4G :p


Yeah.....which is STILL something OTHER than play GTAO, unless commenting on articles is the same as playing a videogame? Your argument fails.

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SuperBlur2984d ago

indeed , R*Games always shipped their games with bad multiplayer , now they're trying to rectify the shot and people are giving them shit, it's just silly.

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wls10122984d ago

l still love the game,it's amazing

Gorilla_Killa_X2983d ago

Agreed, after 3 tries I was able to get race to load up and haven't looked back since. Got a garage and an elergy and am working my way up to affording a house.

Stsonic2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I would understand if it was a massive mmo with hundreds of players in each area but this is 16 players in a lobby so why all the bugs?

Anyway I tried once and failed. Will probably try again in a month or so when it's all fixed up.

Thatlalala2983d ago

Agree. Can sit in any popular wow city lag free, but can't even find one person to do a two to four player mission.... Fucking joke.

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