Halo 3 Pre-order.....tomorrow!

I just recieved a phone call from Gamestop announcing Regular, collector's and Legendary editions of Halo 3! If that weren't enough, it was immediately followed by a statement saying I could visit my local Gamesotp store and reserve a copy starting tomorrow Wednesday November 1st!!!!!! I called my local Gamestop store to verify and it is not a joke or hoax, although he did say it would be released for Christmas of 2007. He also said he thinks the Legendary edition comes with an actual Spartan helmet

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shotty4465d ago

1 Year away! Is this going to be a long year

kmis874465d ago

This could be the start of an even new way for stores to charge you more money. Now that it seems like every game has a regular and a collectors edition, I guess it was only logical to introduce a more expensive legendary edition. What's next? Ultimate Mythical Edition?

And there's got to be no way Gamestop can guarantee a Christmas '07 release date. Bungie will release it when it's ready (hopefully as soon as possible) and I can't see them forcing themselves to meet any deadline. Take the time needed to make it perfect.

HyperBear4465d ago

from what i heard, the multiplayer portion of the game is about 85% complete(including split screen and Xbox Live Multiplayer), and the Campagin or Story mode is about 40% complete, which means theres still about another 3 months or so for bungie to decide whats going into the game, and how they are presenting the final conclusion, then making the levels, then the voice-over acting, and all the cinematics, so where still looking at a good years worth. I wont be surprised if they release it after Nov. of 07', maybe even early 2008. But yea, they better start concentrating on the campaign, im sure a lot of ppl are more interested in how the story ends, then playing multiplayer, but then again Halo Multiplayer is still the #1 played Xbox Live game for 2yrs., so Multiplayer is a big thing as well. But Xbox Live on Halo is so stupid now-a-days, cause that game has soo many hackers on it, its not even fun to play it anymore. Hopefully Halo 3 will be a hack-free Online game.

kmis874465d ago

You seem to have been following this closer than I have, so I have a few questions.

Will there be co-op multiplayer online? I know this has been something that's very difficult for developers to do, but it would be a nice added bonus if I could destroy the Covenant with my buddies online.

Do you know of any plans beyond this Halo game? I'm absolutely sure Microsoft wouldn't let this be the last Halo fps, but I don't know if Bungie's going to be doing the next one. I think MS might try to find a talented dev team to continue the series while Bungie does whatever they'll be doing next. I would hate to see it end here.

Anyways, the multiplayer sounds sick, can't wait to play it. I know that's the most important thing for me, and it's great knowing that it's so important to them too.

THAMMER14464d ago

Co-op mode over XBL works great. I play all the time.

HyperBear4464d ago

Yes there will be co-op XBL, cause there was in Halo 2, I cant see them getting rid of it in Halo 3. Only thing ive seen is Halo Wars being made by Ensemble Studios and Bungie. And Apparently the latest rumors ive heard is that there will be a MMOFPS, like Huxley, but with Halo coming after Halo 3 is done, but that is just a rumor, and it was being pondered by Bungie for a while. And yea, Multi-Player on Halo 3 will be the best multiplayer youve ever played because Bungie has taken more interest in Multiplayer this time around than ever. But im pretty sure they are done with multi-player, and now they need to start working hard on finishing the story.

(From what i heard, about 3 months after Halo 2 was released, they started plans on Halo 3, and then in Sept.2005, started making levels and new characters(look for new characters in Halo 3) for Halo 3, but then around February of 06', the whole team started on Multi-Player and get that over with, so now over these past 8 or so months, theyve all been working on the Multi-Player portion of the game, and now are pretty well done with that, and are now solely working on the Story Mode, cause apparently when they were making Halo 2, they left Multi-Player maps to the last thing, and found it really hard to get it done in time, but they did. So there doing things other way around, so yea)

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m234465d ago

i probably won't be pre-ordering it yet, there is still a looooooooooong way to go, if the game actually comes out next holiday.

Finest4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

We got an email today saying that tomorrow Halo 3 reserves would open with 3 editions. $5 for regular, $10 for collectors, $25 for legendary as a minimum reserve amount. So if the email isn't lying then this would be true. GameStop has set a date of Nov. 07 but thats there more as a requirement not as an actual release date. Could be earlier, could be later. And I think IGN reported that the legendary edition would come with a full size Spartan helmet, as well as other stuff.

Marriot VP4465d ago

christmas 2007 seems too late, it's probably just a default date cause it's set for anytime in 2007.

I'm really not worried about not being able to find a Halo 3 copy. I'm sure they'll be stocked to the gills ready for distribution.

Here's to toppling Halo 2's "greatest day in entertainment history" record

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