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There’s a lot of content here, and while none of it will go down in gaming history as mind-shatteringly fantastic work, none of it is offensively bad, either. You could do a lot worse with twenty bucks and dozens of hours on your hands.

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o2a12026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

the dating sim part of this game is a lol

2025d ago
3-4-52025d ago

The fact that this game includes 5 generations and can go 100+ hours is awesome.

It's basically 5 20 hour mini SRPG's rolled into one and connected through story.

The only thing keeping me from getting these so far is the combo light/electric things on the battlefield.

They are really distracting and take away from the beautiful sprite work.

I know it seems petty but still sometimes small things like that matter.

Still thinking about grabbing this and zero though. There just aren't enough SRPG's being made anymore.

fsfsxii2025d ago

Hows that game???
Heard its really hard and grind fest

Nerdmaster2025d ago

I really wanted to try Aragest, but I could only find Agarest...