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Killzone: Mercenary falls into the same tropes as many other first person shooters before it, and ironically, this is the best part about it. The PlayStation Vita has been starving for a FPS that can deliver the basics of what people have come to expect of modern shooters.

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SonyStyled2026d ago

Really?... i have yet to finish the game. but from what ive played of it so far id give it a 9

mdluffy2026d ago

User score on metacritic is 9.1
I won't say anything bad about the reviewer, because everyone got their own opinions... but 6/10 is very low for such a good game.

GrandpaSnake2026d ago

me too been on it daily didnt really like BO on vita but this is way better. id say a shy 8

chrissx2026d ago

The best handeld FPS available today and this reviewer gives it a 6. This game is nothing less than 9/10

GameCents2026d ago

In your opinion, to each his own.

cell9892026d ago

Just check the meta critic user score if you really want to know if this game is good, I don't know what this reviewer was looking for, the game plays very smooth, the story was interesting enough to finish the campaign, and the currency/unlock system is addicting. Let's not also forget how amazing the multiplayer is for a portable device, there has never bee anything like it, one if a kind game. A solid 8.5 at the very least for me

WeAreLegion2026d ago

Looking for hits, as usual. Freaking Gamingbolt.

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The story is too old to be commented.