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At first glance, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain seem to have more in common than not. Both games focus on intricate narratives and deep character development, highlighted by cutting-edge performance capture and dazzling digital sets.

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Ares84HU1841d ago

I haven't played the demo but from what I've seen from videos it looks like a mix between Heavy Rain and The Last of Us.

kratos_TheGoat1841d ago

gtfoh you full of bullshit. beyond 2 soul and heavy rain are not the same, beyond 2 souls base on the demo is better then heavy rain and tlou is not messing with beyond 2 soul graphic is glamorous

Heisenburger1841d ago

That's an appropriate reaction.


kratos_TheGoat1841d ago

@heisenburger I'm confident beyond 2 souls will be a outstanding game plus the graphic will be better then tlou

Heisenburger1841d ago

I absolutely agree when it comes to Beyond.

But I can't pretend your response to the above wasn't plain ridiculous.
All that you had to say was you didn't agree, and say why.

abzdine1840d ago

the demo blew my mind..
best graphics and animations i have ever seen in a video game. if they said that game was a PS4 i would have trust it no doubt!
the part where Jodie is running in the woods is unbelievably beautiful.

Ares84HU1838d ago

Wow kratos_TheGoat, like to overreact much??

It's like I said something bad about your family or something. I wasn't even being negative about the game. How is a something that looks like a mix between two of the greatest games made this gen a bad thing????

I really don't get people on the internet.

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Thatguy-3101841d ago

Beyond seems a lot more cinematic. Heavy Rain was more about suspense which had it's tense moments. Different genre in narrative so the experience should be different.

RedDevils1841d ago

I still want Kara, even though the Beyond Demo is good and I would still buy the game

cunnilumpkin1841d ago

dl'd demo, the actual gameplay looks pretty bad tbh, nothing like all the bullshots and cinematics they presented

jaggies everywhere, lots of artifacts

still gonna rent it, story will be epic!

CGI-Quality1841d ago

Somehow, based on the majority of feedback, I can't believe what you're saying.

OT: Nope, don't expect another Heavy Rain. I expect a solid experience like it, however.

Hicken1840d ago

No one believes you. Even you don't.

Scatpants1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

The demo kind of plays like heavy rain with its Simon says gameplay. I'm sure the story will be cool though.