GameSpot reviews Stranger

Stranger certainly lives up to its name. This role-playing/real-time strategy hybrid is decidedly strange in every respect, from its bizarre setting to its unusual game mechanics and its gawky interface. Russian developer Fireglow Games seems to have set out to make something rather offbeat, but then followed this philosophy so far off the beaten path that the end product turned into a surreal, inept jumble of half-baked ideas. Despite a couple of interesting innovations and some traditional hacking-and-slashing that sticks close to a familiar formula, the game is simply too odd and too clumsily made to appeal to either RPG or RTS gamers.

The Good
* Surreal story and setting
* Blend of RPG and RTS game styles.

The Bad
* Story and setting are so surreal that they verge on nonsensical
* Horribly nonintuitive interface
* Derivative clickfest gameplay.

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