A tribute to Tom Clancy: The Top ten moments in Splinter Cell

Kevin of Xboxer360 writes, "In memory of novelist Tom Clancy passing away, I felt it was the perfect time to look over my favorite game series of his; Splinter Cell. The slow, methodical gameplay may have been a barrier to many, but once you master the skills and learn some patience, the satisfaction of completing a level is hard to top. Due to the subdued nature of the games, it made the more dramatic moments stand out all the more and resonated with the player. While Conviction and Blacklist may be great games in their own right, I don’t consider them Splinter Cell games; for me the series jumped the shark when it decided to make Sam Fisher into a vicious beater, give him an auto kill ability and have a bad guy whose master plan was to invade the White House. Therefore this list will only consist of the best moments of the first 4 games, which were riddled with tension, skill, the occasional bit of humour and of course, plenty of Michael Ironside."

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