Head2Head: Battlefield 4 Beta Screenshot Comparison (PS3 vs Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes"Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at EA’s Battlefield 4 Demo for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Clearly thus far, one version has a huge graphically advantage over the other, but can you find the differences?."

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RudeSole Devil2553d ago

wow Xbox 360 version got spanked BAD!

Tooly2553d ago

damn 360 really got spanked...gasp

ShinMaster2553d ago

I'm wondering if people honestly still care about PS3/360 comparisons almost 8 years after they launched.

Kemistri2553d ago

I'm curious if for some odd reason that the xbox 360 version is missing the "HD Texture Pack" - Similar to what BF3 looks like without it installed.

Perhaps an oversight regarding the 360 Beta version?

Only speculating, because I don't really give a crap at this point.

sAVAge_bEaST2553d ago

Yea, Ps3 looked noticeably better.


Neither one has the 'HD Texture's'.. those come on disk install, on both systems.

Kemistri2553d ago

@sAVAge_bEaST - I understand that but considering that this was all downloaded and installed to the hard drive (the nature of the BETA and how it's delivered to the "testers") - I was assuming they would have included the HD Textures since they can be streamed from the hard drive as was required by BF3.

I think it's safe to assume that will still be the method used for the current gen version of BF4.

It was more of a curious statement/comment rather than anything else. I have zero bias toward either platform.

FamilyGuy2553d ago

The 360 version is obviously/definitely missing its HD Texture pack. Why would they release the Beta in this form? They should know that this will negatively impact interest in the game even though it's definitely not going to ship to retail looking like that.

Also interesting was the X1 beta having huge input lag. Wtf is going on with these guys. Beat or not it's representing your game and you should have major things that would put off consumers sorted out before showing it to them.

I've played plenty of betas and these are things that are usually fixed in alpha stages.

memots2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Actually, Why do they even bother releasing it on ps3/360 ?

Put the effort in making pc/ps4/bone edition as good as possible instead.

Edit : don't bother telling me about install base i know how this goes.

LordDhampire2553d ago

who cares, both ps3 and 360 are proven consoles....this is ps4 vs xbone now son

mikeslemonade2552d ago

Graphics are bad for both. Boycott both COD and BF please!

MysticStrummer2552d ago

"I'm wondering if people honestly still care about PS3/360 comparisons almost 8 years after they launched."

Why wouldn't they? It will be a long time until PS4 and XB1 have a bigger install base than PS3 and 360. People all over the world will still be trying to decide which version to get.

loulou2552d ago

360 version looks like arse! i downloaded it in favour of the ps3 version because of the control pad.

jesus just get these new consoles out

Ezz20132552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

XB1 BF4......with kinect

i can't stop laughing at this

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xHeavYx2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Interesting, since they are partnering with MS for next gen. We will see what happens when the game is finished

RudeSole Devil2553d ago

I didn't hear that? EA and Xbox One????

TechMech22553d ago

I hope Star Wars battlefront gets something exclusive on Xbox one. I plan on buying an Xbox one because I love halo, but right now there isn't much great things about the system. Ps4 is more powerful, cheaper, likely to have more owners, more first parties, remote play, Xbox gets.....halo. Sigh.....

DeFFeR2552d ago


And Forza, and Titanfall.

I'll be playing KZ Shadowfall until I find a XBOne in the wild, then I'll be playing Forza and possibly Ryse.

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finbars752553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I agree the xbox got the short end of the stick but holy high hell the beta looks dam ugly.I know its about a 7 month old build possibly longer but Dice could have given us more to the beta then this.Its only a few weeks away and I dont care if its a beta or not it really sends the wrong message of how the game is going to be.Im enjoying it but feel disspointed at time to time.Im looking forward to the PS4 version no doubt because no offense the PS3 version is really going to lack any depth that the game offers.

specialguest2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

The difference is very noticeable unlike some past comparisons. As we near the end of a generation, it looks like the 360 tapped out of power years ago, while the PS3 is still barely, but gracefully keeping up at its old age and limits.

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Bigpappy2553d ago

Keep in mind that these are beta's. Having said that, textures do look better on PS3.

BallsEye2552d ago

Exactly. It was same story with bf3 beta, at the end both versions turned out the same and much better than what beta offered. Dice likes to put out very old build for beta.

HaMM4R2552d ago

I know, but what is the point in putting out an old build for the beta? Whats the point in searching for bugs that have most likely been fixed since then. Its more of a demo than a beta.

Ezz20132552d ago


No, ps3 was the better version of the two

solar2553d ago

thought console gamers dont care about graphics.

memots2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Nice pc troll comment. I care about graphic as much as the next guy and that is why i game mostly on PC, Even is console Multiplatform graphic aren't the best we got on these 8 years old console some very solid Exclusive in the graphic department.

( i clicked agree btw since i agree that console gamer don't just care about graphic )

BoriboyShoGUN2552d ago

Yeah I was a little dissapointed this morning when I downloaded it on the 360, didnt think there would be a huge difference now im going to have to download it on the PS3. But this is definately a game meant for the next gen consoles I wouldnt dare cheat myself on either the 360 or the PS3 just like Diablo :D

PR0X12552d ago

LoT never installs HD textures on the 360 even on retail games. The website is made by Sony fanboys for Sony fanboys. Just buy the version you like the best.

Syntax-Error2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I played the PS3 version all last night and THIS GAME SUCKS!!!! I love BF, but I am so disappointed with this. The control scheme is COD to the fullest. The crouch feature has moved from R3 to the 'B" or 'O' button and melee has moved from the RT or R1 to the R3. The destruction is garbage. Indestructible walls and billboards. Snipers on the roof shooting and hiding behind huge billboards. 1 building in the whole map can collapse...WTF IS THAT? Blew down interior walls but exterior walls remained. Indestructible crates. GTFOH Not worth $60.

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jhoward5852553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

The PS3 BF4 looks sharper than the Xbox BF4.

DeadManIV2553d ago

Can't use the link, doesn't work can you post some links to images please?

jhoward5852553d ago

The link was working before...I don't know why its not working now.

deadfrag2553d ago

Dont forget that the xbox version is missing the HD texture pack!!!

sigfredod2553d ago

both beta file size is the same, so what texture pack are you talking about?

dazzrazz2553d ago

Xbox got the oldest build

RudeSole Devil2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Yea like last years build! Its looks really bad, wait for the Next Gen consoles or PC.

LostDjinn2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Maybe it's just me but comparing betas seems kind of redundant.

RudeSole Devil2553d ago

Why, if the Xbox looks the way its does then graphically its the lesser of the ports.

Majin-vegeta2553d ago

Reply to your first comment.Yea it was all over E3 how did you miss that??xD.

sigfredod2553d ago

And will be similar between PS4>>>xbone

starchild2553d ago

Nah, it will be more like: PC>>>PS4>XB1

GarrusVakarian2553d ago

Good luck with those PC exclusives.....

brettyd2553d ago

@starchild go away, no one cares about PC here.

sorane2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

"Good luck with those PC exclusives....."

Another mindless console fanboy who has no idea about pc gaming. PC has more exclusives than any platform. Also unlike consoles our "can't miss exclusives" aren't just generic third person action game #78467252 and generic shooter #24697694. I guess innovation is lost on you console people. It's funny how jealous you people on this website get when anything PC is mentioned.

brettyd2553d ago

@sorane, people aren't jealous just annoyed because PC gamers are the biggest trolls on the internet. This article has nothing to do with PC, why bring it up?

ShinMaster2553d ago

Another insecure PC fanboy reminding everyone about PCs in an article that talk about consoles only.
Surprise, surprise.

sorane2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

"And will be similar between PS4>>>xbone"

"This article has nothing to do with PC, why bring it up?"

"@sorane, people aren't jealous just annoyed because PC gamers are the biggest trolls on the internet."

Sorta like how the OP brought in 2 systems that also had nothing to do with the article? Hypocrites much? PC gamers are the the biggest trolls you think? I guess you haven't been reading many comments on this site if you think that. The next gen system trolls far outweigh the pc ones. It's nonstop 50% this 50% that around here.

solar2553d ago

ShinMaster says:

"Another insecure PC fanboy reminding everyone about PCs in an article that talk about consoles only.
Surprise, surprise."

well as far as ive been on this site in '07, console gamers care about games not graphics. yet all we see here is Sony Extremists say graphics dont matter....unless Xbox is in the conversation.

ThatCanadianGuy5142553d ago


Says who? Of course graphics matter.And of course console gamers compare graphics in games.They're machines with fixed specs.

It makes sense.

Whereas your PC doesn't have the same specs as my PC and my PC doesn't have the same specs as the next guy.Why compare game graphics? Why must you PC fanatics be so ridiculous and void of common sense?

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Themba762553d ago

PC is only good if all you play is multiplayer games in that case PC is better. the PC online community for starters is far more mature. also the graphic performance in their online games is noticably better as well. too bad i love single player exclusives PC is lacking bad in that department. consoles are far better for singleplayer experiences.