Rumor: Something Fishy With 360's 1080p

According to a bunch of very angry people over on the AV Science form, and one Kotaku reader, the 1080p upgrade for the Xbox 360 doesn't appear to work on Sony's XBR2/XBR3 line of televisions. This is a big deal because the folks there claim it's considered to be one of the best 1080p televisions on the market.

News of the issue, which means you can't display a 1080p image on the television at all, has lead some to start wondering if this was a deliberate move on Microsoft's part, being that the television is made by Sony or if someone dropped the ball and a patch is coming for the 360.

Has anyone else had any issues with 1080p on the 360?

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DJ4460d ago

XBR TVs have been around for a long time (have one in the house), so this just sounds wierd. I thought it didn't matter what brand you used, but if it's true MS has some explaining to do.

TheMART4459d ago

Depends how they tested.

I've heard other stories by now that 1080p over component has some problems on several TV's.

VGA cable used will solve that problem. Same with this TV?

ElementX4459d ago

I called the Best Buy repair since I had an extended warrenty and he couldn't figure out the problem. After 3 weeks it turns out that my Sony Wega Trinitron 34" (don't remember the model) had difficulty displaying 1080i. All my games worked fine when I switched my 360 to 720p. Anyway, following a flowchart, the repairman was able to get my TV working correctly. I know that my tv isn't 1080p and I don't have to worry about that problem, the point is, in my circumstance, the Sony TV was the problem. A 1080p signal is a 1080p signal. I don't think it's possible to output a signal which only works with certain brands of TVs.

tatical4459d ago

A 1080p signal is a 1080p signal. Maybe they got shafted by Sony.

VirtualGamer4459d ago

They are able to display a 1080p signal from a PC using VGA on the XBR2/XBR3 which is at 60hz. So it looks like this has more to do with the signal coming from the 360 then the TV not functioning properly.

Marty83704459d ago

Sony make some of the best HDTV's,too not make your 1080P a standard upgrade does not make sense,1080P is a standard followed by many brand not just Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.