Super Mario 3D World is an absolute blast to play | Destructoid

Destructoid: "I wanted to give Super Mario 3D World another chance though, and the hands-on time I got with the game yesterday has completely sold me on it. That spirit I was referring to before is undoubtedly present with the latest Mario game."

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WeAreLegion2024d ago

Great to hear. It looks awesome! This is the Nintendo team to watch right now.

3-4-52024d ago

This will be the first game I buy whenever it is I purchase a wii U.

Probably some time in 2014.

mhunterjr2024d ago

After watching that trailer, i want a wii u for the very first time. They played fan service to everything n64 and prior... the golden years in my book...

GrandpaSnake2024d ago

i feel like when i first saw mario 64

Drainage2024d ago

looks like a blast...but easy as shit and no challenge at all from what ive seen, just like 3d land. i have a 3ds and wiiu

Loadedklip2024d ago

A lot of people were worried that Mario 3D World was not going to be special ... how often has a main series Mario game let you down? I knew it was going to be great.

The E3 demo was just showing some bland basic stages just to show off the things they wanted to focus on.

Now you can see the game is going to be insane!

WeAreLegion2024d ago

New Super Mario Bros. U was a letdown. The Luigi expansion was fantastic, however.

Loadedklip2024d ago

I have never played Mario bros U solo but multiplayer was a blast. I would like to play the game by myself eventually though as Mario Bros Wii felt like a completely different game solo compared to 4 play mayhem.

deafdani2023d ago

For me, Super Mario Bros U is fantastic, and I put it in the same league as Mario 3 and Mario World. To each his own, I guess.

Yodagamer2024d ago

I don't blame them tbh like you said they shown some really basic stages. Even I, a very big mario fan, though it was kinda lame in comparison to a galaxy game. I'm looking very forward to it :). I'm already getting a wii u a couple weeks before m3dw's launch and i'm so hyped XD

-Foxtrot2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

This isn't a main series Mario game though, not the one I'm thinking of anyway

It's not the spiritual successor to Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy for the Wii U.

It better not be anyway

2023d ago
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