GameSpy: This is Vegas Preview

GameSpy writes: "It was difficult to maintain a straight face during Midway's presentation of This is Vegas, but according to developer Surreal, that's the whole point. Far from the serious business of popping caps in Liberty City asses, This is Vegas is chasing a different, significantly sillier mood. That's not to say that the game doesn't exhibit some serious gameplay, but if you're looking for a hard-hitting Vegas tycoon simulator then you'd better prepare to have that serious demeanor wiped right off your face.

Open for Business

There are a few key areas in which you can interact with Surreal's open-world version of Vegas: combat, gambling, partying and driving. Of those four, we only saw the first three since Midway is hesitant of tipping its hand too early. Anyway, the fighting, gambling and partying seemed to offer plenty to keep us busy for awhile."

-Decent variety of activities and mini-games; completely absurd.

-Frequent comedic crutches rely heavily on adolescent humor.

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