GameSpy: Metal Gear Online Preview

GameSpy writes: "The New York Comic Con opened its doors today, and in regards to anything gaming-related (barring resin Marcus Fenixes and ill-advised cosplayers), the pickings are lean, frankly. One highlight: Metal Gear Online, fully playable by means of eight networked demo stations. (A beta test is also currently running for a few lucky PS3 fans - details here). Like thirsty dervishes happening upon a desert oasis (or Star Wars kids en route to a buffet of poached space frogs and Tusken Raider Taters), show-goers were eager to seize the DualShock 3s and experience the Metal Gear Solid series' second unlikely foray into competitive multiplayer gaming.

In Metal Gear Online, the first think you'll do is create a customized avatar by choosing separate bits from a number of categories. Unfortunately, NYCC attendees weren't able to sample that part of the experience -- every demo station on the show floor had a pre-created character that loaded into every match. Before each round starts (and inbetween spawns when you die during one in progress), you'll be able to select a load-out. You can chose from a variety of primary weapons (assault rifles, sniper riles, and shotguns), as well as sidearms and accessories (like Claymore-style mines and various types of grenades, including one that temporarily reveals enemy locations on the map). Every character came equipped with a "stun knife," and our host mentioned that other sorts of secondary items, like rations, will be available."

-It seems like Konami is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the game over the long term

-There might be a whole lot of monetized downloadable content in its future

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