GamesBeat: Pokémon X and Y offer plenty of fun despite being stuck in tradition (review)

Some things on the presentation side have noticeably changed, but Oct. 12′s new X and Y versions don’t stray more than a Pokéinch away from the iconic formula, to their benefit as much as to their detriment.

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Sadie21002025d ago

I feel the same. Every time, I think this is the one that'll get me back into the series, then I realize it's the same ol' thing.

So I'm wary, but I'm still semi-interested in this one.

barefootgamer2025d ago

Never got into Pokemon. That new Sylveon one looks adorable though.

darkronin2292025d ago

Kind of what I expected, but I think the upgraded presentation is enough reason for me to get it (probably Y, for the cool new Charizard evolution).

midnightambler2025d ago

Waiting patiently for the Wii U Pokemon game with NFC cards/figures and 3DS link up. It's got to be in the works, right?