Console Monster: Wii Fit Review

Console Monster writes: "Wii-Fit is going to be big. Regardless of this review, the wider press reception, or even the adoption of hard-core gamers, it will be the story of 2008. This will likely be driven by mums, dads, kids and even grand parents who will all discover the joys of a fitting follow up to Wii-Sports. What's more, after happily spending GBP 179.99 to play Tennis, Golf, Boxing and the rest, Wii-Fit's GBP 69.99 price tag will seem like a bargain.

This inevitable success would be hard to swallow for gamers, were it not for the superb implementation, pitch perfect Wii aesthetic and sheer level of fun in this game. Many will no doubt bemoan another games corporation raking in huge amounts of money from gamers. But anyone who steps onto the Balance Board will soon admit that it is hard not to fall in love with the Wii's latest accessory. Hey, at least it's not just another plastic shell (following Zapper and Wheel); this thing has some serious electronics within.

As soon as the kit is out of the box you can tell this is a high quality device. It feels solid and reassuringly robust..."

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chaosatom3333834d ago

looks like everyone will either play this or gta this may. :)

wiizy3834d ago

my pick as the game to sell the most in 2008... whoever pick grand theft auto will be very dissapointed when the numbers are counted after december.

TheExodus3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

It's going to be another Nintendo Christmas in NA this year. Hopefully they've geared up production so we don't end up seeing Wii Fit listings on e-Bay for the price of an 80GB PS3!

forum_crawler3833d ago

At $90 it isn't particularly cheap, but seeing how much play DDR gets in my house, I think this thing will also get lots of play and will more than likely pay for itself in a couple of months (it will be fun to use).