Grand Theft Auto 5 latest online patch causing consoles to freeze, characters still missing

Rockstar's latest patch still hasn't resolved the issues.

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GarrusVakarian2849d ago

Smooth sailing for me and my friends still, same as yesterday and the day before.

malokevi2849d ago

"oh you lucky ducker!"

Can't wait for my turn :D got sooo close last night. Hopefully tonight it works out.

b163o12849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Ducker lmao, damn auto spell correct

r1sh122848d ago

Ive had intermittent issue getting online, but once online its all good.

CommonSense2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Just want to throw this out there for 360 users who can't get past the tutorial race.

If you delete the patch update, clear your system cache, then restart your xbox and repatch the game, you should be able to get the race to work. after that, it's butter.

EDIT: This might work in a similar way for ps3 users...but i can't confirm since i bought it for 360.

malokevi2848d ago

That's exactly my issue, so I'll give it a shot. Thanks 4the tip.

bigbearsack2848d ago

That sucks,hope the game works out for you guys and gals soon.

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3-4-52849d ago

Same here. Have had zero problems so far and had a ton of fun playing the past couple days online.

I really hope more people get to experience this. To me, while the single player was awesome, this multiplayer is unlike anything I've played before.

It's GTA + a Survival game = tons of fun

Soc52848d ago

Yeah I gotta agree, tons of fun. Robbing stores and doing all the different missions is a blast. The money aspect adds a twist too, there are times when u have to run away from other players cause u haven't had a chance to deposit your money and you don't want to get jacked(I know u can use the phone). Last night I had to run like a chicken from this group of players cause I ran out of bullets and had to go buy more!! Which also means you don't go around shooting like crazy because ammo costs money. It makes you think before you act. Especially when getting wasted costs like a thousand in hospital bills. Overall lots of fun and haven't even done most of what's available because I'm just leveling up. Flying races are gonna be a lot of fun looks like. I'm on the 360 and haven't had any problems the last two days.

CommonSense2848d ago

At first, I didn't know you could deposit your money through your phone. I don't like this feature. Before I figured that out, i'd frantically be trying to avoid other players while searching for an ATM. Made for a very fun, intense experience.

The game is definitely a blast. Maybe a little too easy to exploit, though.

Bleucrunch2849d ago

Call me critical, but the online aspect of the game was delayed upon initial launch of the game because they needed to work out some more things for it. When Rockstar releases the online version (which again they initially delayed) They STILL having issues. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? In the PS2/XBOX days...this seldom happened, the developer made sure the game rain in tip/top form before they release it....I don't know maybe I have no idea what I am talking about but we as gamers should not accept this kind of practice from any developer. We can't go to the store and say we will pay some and the rest later right???

GarrusVakarian2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

But how often does an online game beat the numbers that Call Of Duty achieves? How can any dev prepare for that, especially a company like R* that isn't as "seasoned" as Treyarch, or Bungie.

Dannycr2849d ago

There's something we have to understand and that is: Devs can only check so much.

Whether we want it or not, there will always be online issues, specially with a game that is trying to break some grounds in the online department.

I'm not saying I was not pissed off when I tried the online on day 1 and it was god awful, and I still hate with all my heart the stupid character creation menu, but I somehow understand that some issues will not be revealed until the floodgates are open to the public.

soniqstylz2848d ago

Not seassoned?

GTA 4, Midnight Club 2/3/LA, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 all say hello, along with Take Two help from 2K Sports, Fireaxis, 2K Marin (who did Bioshock 2 online). They knew what they were making, had 5 years of development, and 2 weeks of sales to get the idea of how many servers they needed to get up and running.

The online itself is great when it's working and people are willing to cooperate. Once the griefing system fully takes effect, or more members of my crew can get online and play together, it'll be even better.

ZeekQuattro2848d ago

Back in those days most devs didn't have the ability to send out a patch to fix things. They had to simply fix the problem in future retail releases of the game meaning most devs tried harder to get their games right the first time.

Patches are great but it seems like a crutch for too many devs today. They have to meet tough deadlines so they hastily go through game code in order to make the deadline knowing they can fix the problem later. Its crazy but it seems like the more people that work on a game & the longer it takes to develop the more problems arise.

I'm glad I didn't rush out to buy the game. I have a friend that had unlocked a rare vehicle in the game only for it to disappear. The game didn't even register the event so he has no way of getting the achievement without starting fresh.

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MestreRothN4G2849d ago

Tons of problems here.
Billions of tons of fun.

I hate to love this game.

SnakeCQC2849d ago

yh its been working great for me too lol

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Lalanana2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Lol gotta work faster rockstar. we still believe in you but hurry and fix those issues.

majiebeast2849d ago

How in the hell is any of this related to Sony?

Lalanana2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Sorry mate was reading a sony article at the same time on the next tab. I corrected it :)

CustardTrout2849d ago

I like to pretend the Sony one is my other article...

WilliamH2849d ago

So the moral of the story here kiddies, go play something else online that actually works

CustardTrout2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I just love the reaction from the community:
Day of release:
Rockstar made something amazing here, true legends. What heroes. Pioneers of gaming.

Online breaks:

WilliamH2849d ago

I was only talking about the online not the single player (which is great not amazing)

Avernus2849d ago

My character is still missing. Really blew the wind out my sails tbh. Saw my friends play all of yesterday no problems. I didn't play because I had no character saved, so I waited till today, and same as yesterday.

Sorry, but this is a f*cking joke. Time spent to lvl up character, gone. All the stuff I bought, gone. Not to mention I have to do this stupid tutorial AGAIN.

People have a right to be angry. Some are taking it overboard, but this situation is ridiculous. What's even better is R* not saying a word on if you'll get back your character or not.

CustardTrout2849d ago

I never got the tutorial with Lamar, but my character is there...really odd.

Elit3Nick2849d ago

I don't think that they can retrieve a lost character, so I wouldn't get my hopes up

Juanc91752847d ago

Hey dude I feel your pain my character reset twice already I'm hoping that they fix the issue Thai happened to me like 1 hr ago I hope that it's resolved or else no ore multiplayer for me it took time to get to level 15 twice I hope the best for you good luck

abusador2849d ago

I finally got to play through the tutorial, yippie, smh. Four &ucking days later