OXM UK: This Is Vegas Preview - Midway cook up what could be the biggest surprise of 2008

OXM UK writes: "It's important you never underestimate the value of your gut instinct.

No matter what the subject matter, everyone has had moments where they just know something to be right, even if it's not easily explained or put into words. And on that note - This Is Vegas, a game that could easily find itself being a smash hit if it plays its cards right (get it? Get it?!).

It's come out of leftfield. This Is Vegas had already been announced prior to Midway showing it off at its Gamers Day event but no-one really knew what it was. If you were being kind, you could call it another ambitious attempt at tackling the tricky open world genre by mixing some style in with the usual shoot/explore/car-jack antics. If you were being cruel, you could chalk it up as a sub-GTA set in Vegas and shrug your shoulders."

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