Why Gaming Sucks On Linux

lseltzer writes

"Efforts have been made to improve the situation, but things have actually gotten worse for gaming on Linux rather than better. If you're a gamer you're just plain better off running Windows and dual-booting (or VMing) between the two operating systems than hoping your games will run in Cedega or some such product."

From the article:

"So where does all of this leave Linux gamers? One word: Windows. Yep, you read that right. If you're a gamer, do yourself a favor and just buy a copy of Windows and set up a dual-boot system. Why bother to torture yourself with the headaches presented by Linux gaming? Why should you continually not have the games you want to play? Why settle for half-assed solutions that might or might not run the games you crave so desperately?"

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big_tim4462d ago

So, what does this have to do with the PS3? It will offer Linux but doesn't solely use it. It was my understanding that it will be available for home-brew apps. This article has nothing to do with the PS3.

I was looking through your other posts and can't tell if you are trying to cause a flame war by this article or what. I understand what the article says, but it doesn't relate to the PS3.

eques judicii4462d ago

the ps3 is built on yellow dog linux... derr...

kmis874462d ago

I hope you're joking, and you actually do know a little bit more about the system you criticize so much then that post seems to indicate.

eques judicii4462d ago

not trying to start anything... but ps3 is built on linux, i'm not making that up... anywho, doesn't mean that games can't be made for it, as surely they can :-D

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specialguest4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

who actually plays PC games on Linux anyway? on top of that, i don't know anyone who uses Linux.

Munky4462d ago

I Post articles that I find interesting, and that might possibly be interesting to others. Notice how I also tagged that article with "PlayStation 3 - Gaming - PC - Industry News" relax. And the fact that PS3 does use Linux it does have something to do with the PS3. Peaz ;)

big_tim4462d ago

I understand the article is "interesting." It only refers to PC gaming. So tag it appropriately. I agree with the article. If your gaming on PC, stick with Windows. I wish that would change. Apples are better suited for gaming but don't get the support.

Munky4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

That is why articles go through the approval process. If a article is tagged incorrectly the mods sort it out, no harm no foul.

Munky4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Voila! the PS3 tag is gone. Does tiny tim feel better now? ;)...just playin man. I'm out. Peaz

EnforcerOfTheTruth4462d ago

...cause next to none game devs support it. They are partly responsible for MS having such a monopoly.

BIadestarX4462d ago

I always forget; how does the song goes?.... ohh yeah... "Cry me a river..." can you at least indicate how is this microsoft fault? Reason why Linux sucks when it comes to games it's not because of microsoft. There are various reasons:
1) Linux is not user friendly. Have you try installing linux?
2) No 800 number anyone that just got their first computer can call if something goes wrong. Why do you think Linux experts make so much money?
3) It's not microsoft fault most developer (including myself) do not want to develop for linux; unless is for linux servers since there are many more options and better tools that make development for windows a lot easier and better.
4) Since Linux is completely based on the Open Source (the movement of the free world; where software are distributed free) most companies do not like that modal, and prefer creating applications for windows first and if possible for both OS.
5) DirectX my friend. Microsoft spends lots of money maturing this game SDK; while OpenGL exists in linux (Supported by windows too) and can be used by game; ask any game developer which library they prefer to use? DirectX it's a lot more flexible and powerful then OpenGL expecially now that DirectX is managed code and can be used with the .net framework.

Now, why should microsoft spend millions to support linux; so DirectX works well on it?
Why should microsoft spend money so software created using their own 1st party development tools are used to make programs in linux? Why should the .net framework work for linux?

How many programs made for Apple works in windows or linux? How come apple is not accused of monopolising when their software is also propietary?

Blame the world for this. No body is putting a gun in your head to buy windows. No body is putting a head on game developers to make games for windows. No body is putting a gun on all those software developers to make programs for windows. No body is putting a gun on the head of the hardware manufacturers to make hardware mostly for windows. Take the Playstation, it was more support for game developers even if it does not run windows. as matter of fact the PS3 will run on linux. So, if Sony was to create the tools necessary to make great games in just 1-2 years for the PS3(which uses linux), then why do microsoft needs to share their technology with linux (for free).

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