The Failure of Grand Theft Auto 5's Torture Scene

The Grand Theft Auto series has become synonymous with controversy. Since Grand Theft Auto 5′s release in late September, the usual news outlet debates regarding the game’s trademarked violence have once again sparked up. With each new installation in the GTA series, criticism from news sources abounds. However, one particular mission in GTA 5 has garnered attention from gamers and the mainstream media alike.

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yewles11866d ago

This article doesn't understand that Trevor isn't just a sociopath and psychopath, he's also a snide asshole as well. His whole demeanor was mostly sarcasm to the entire situation of being with the FIB throughout the duration.

ZodTheRipper1866d ago

I mostly agree with this article. I think it's good that this scene was implemented but it could have been so much better. The character work and writing didn't fit the game at all and felt misplaced. Either they tried TOO hard or they aren't up to the challenge of writing such a scene ...I'd even say it's the former, since we're talking about Rockstar - but I'm not sure.

irokster1866d ago

Are we STILL with this?

Baka-akaB1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Failure ? how so ?

"Trevor do something nice for once, he again behaves in a way that does not align with his character up to this point."

Quite the opposite , going up against orders when possible and sticking it up to the man is very Trevor .

"The monologue is ham-fisted, poorly executed, and it tarnishes the perfectly acceptable anti-torture message that the scene itself provided."

Why the f*ck is there always someone trying to find some extremely deeper meaning into what is obviously just tongue in cheek poking at such issues ? GTA is by no mean trying to open up debate about torture and a mean for such messages .

It pokes lightly at such idiocracies while conveying entertainement . Breaking Bad it aint , nor is it trying to be .