Videogamer: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe First Look

Videogamer writes: "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Really? Sub Zero vs. Batman? Really? Apparently so.

We knew it was coming, on account of the leakage power of the Internet, but the assembled media at the Red Rock hotel in Las Vegas, us included, still thought it might have been a joke - April Fools overspill perhaps - until Ed Boon himself took to the stage and the game's debut trailer kicked in across three massive screens.

The decision to pair Mortal Kombat with Batman, Superman and co is at the very least a surprising one. It's hard to work out if it's one of the coolest crossovers in gaming history or simply a gimmick. Ed Boon is certainly convinced, as we found out during our post-presentation interview with the beat-em-up legend. "I've always wanted to cross MK over since about MK4, or something like that," he says. "I'm a big fan of all of the other fighting games, Street Fighter, Tekken. I always thought, wouldn't it be cool to have MK vs. SF and MK vs. Tekken."

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