Interview: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

The US will be getting this baby first this October only on PS3. You know Games Radar love their 'Ruto here, having given the Ultimate Ninja series consistently good scores across the board. Unfortunately, the kind devs from CyberConnect 2 wouldn't let them get a hands-on, meanies, but President/CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama was nice enough to answer even their most trifling fanboy questions (With inquisitive contributions from PlayStation: The Official Magazine's Teresa Dun.)

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Yi-Long3836d ago

... and it's very good news that we'll get the option for japanese voices with english subs...

Also, there will be 25 characters, which is great...

The only thing I'm worried about, is the last few lines in the article, about the 'no comment' on DLC. I really hope this will not be another DLC scam, like the 360 Ubisoft version.

yesah3836d ago

Alot of important info in that article, October release, and its coming to USA. Nice post

HorseJacked3836d ago

Seems like they have added a ton (Mark Mac voice) of new features.

The only thing I am weary about is the over-the-shoulder perspective... I don't like that in my fighting games, but I may have misunderstood what they were saying...