GTA IV Fails To Conquer Halo 3 Sales Record

"With the release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV less than two weeks away, and constant news of game stores selling out their preorders, one must wonder how well it will sell."

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chaosatom3333834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Halo reached it's peak that's why it sold so many And hype had started when halo 2 ENDED.

And people don't realize how good gta will be compared to halo because they haven't seen any gamplay footage.

In the end, gta will sell a lot more.

Breakfast3834d ago

Theres more console out now there was for Halo.

Multi-plat its gonna beat Halo. On the xbox its not gonna beat Halo.

Nitrowolf23834d ago

there plentyof gamefootage out there just without the displays

Cwalat3834d ago

in both platforms it will eat Halo...
in 360 alone, it will probably not..
this shows how MS are good at brainwashing ppl into getting a crappy game like Halo...

sonarus3834d ago

No way it beats halo. There is just something about an exclusive game that gets everyone hyped up. GTA4 would have beaten halo if it were exclusive

Wolf8733834d ago

Well I hope so. Halo is overrated, but GTA is worth every penny for what it offers.

Daishi3834d ago

@ cwalat^
If MS brainwashed people into playing Halo, then why are people still playing it? Wouldn't they have realized that it was no good the moment they turned it on instead of spending hundreds of hours online with it? I personaly don't like Guitar Hero because "I" don't enjoy it, millions of others do. So how can "I" say it's a bad overhyped game based on personal feelings?

sonarus3834d ago

Why don't you go ask infinity ward that question. A lot of people bought halo 3. Halo 3 sold more than COD4 but yet more ppl play COD4. Personally i think halo 3 is 3x better but i am going to be alone on this one. Visually it doesn't do much, in fact in a lot of ways halo doesnt do much but i give them points for gameplay. A game of halo is 3x more fun than COD4

Thugbot1873834d ago

Cwalat – MS didn’t brain wash anyone into playing the game. Despite what you may think a lot of us enjoyed Halo (Fact: Sales were awesome). It didn’t appeal to people like you, just like I’m sure GOW didn’t, and Ninja Gaiden when it was on the original Xbox (that is until it made a presence on the PS3).

-Cwalat you silly Fanboy Trix are for Kids

psycho3603834d ago


Your bio says ps3 gamer. Yet you comment on halo3 being crappy and MS brainwashing people on buying halo3 and not only couple of thousands but millions. How much have you played or are you just being brainwashed by sony on believing no other console can have good games like ps3 ?

BTW i played RFOM on a friends console and it was average at the most. The controls were ackward, i dint even bother to change the settings, neither did i ask him whether there was an option or not.
IN split screen you coudn't even find ur mate if one got lost. Anway, bungie and ms are not suffering because u dint pick up a 360 and bought into the halo3 hype. But belive me it was very good, not exactly a true next gen title but more of an epic like the star wars trilogy. Only COD4 got me off of it.

I feel bit sad for "Real Gamers" who are being brainwashed into buying something which is supposed to be a games console but are still waiting almost 2 years for handful of games. The games are supposed to provide fun and entertainment not something to keep waiting for 3 years of annoucement and ignoring all other ones like ME, Bioshock, Halo3, Gears, PGR3/4, Dead rising, Kameo just cause its not on the only console you'll ever buy cuz sony said they have the best.

ForTheFallen3833d ago

@Pyscho-I guess he only has himself to play with because he lives in the woods with no other people? That's basically what you assuming and that's just stupid. It's even odder because you played R:FoM and you didn't like it. Big deal. Everyone's different. And, next time, try leaving your opinion out of it. This is Gamerzone, so more with logic.

@Thugbot187-Your calling him a fanboy? Look at your picture. I mean, at least try to hide it somehow...These people are just so painfully stupid. But, I'll give you points because your argument is originally logical. Some may like MGS, while others like Halo. Simple as that. The world goes round.

On topic, this is all crap until the game comes out. Although, personally, I don't care about 360 sales. Or PS3's. I just want to see the total. That's how many were sold. Apparently, some don't get this concept.

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Palodios3834d ago

Well Halo 3 had 16 Million Xbox Consoles to work with. GTA has 20 Million Xbox consoles and 12 million Xbox consoles, about double that.

I get a feeling it'll probably do well, but its tough to beat a 300 million dollar launch. 1 out of every 5 xbox or ps3 owners need to buy the game, although many people will buy a console FOR the game, so you never know.

Covenant3834d ago

Way too early to say...I mean, the game is still a week and a half away. We'll know for certain in a few weeks.

Hydrolex3834d ago

seriously, Halo is nothing compared to GTA IV. Stop comparing an ant to an elephant

user19244983834d ago

U are a ps3 fanboy. You never played halo. its a lot of fun. you should steal it since our type doesn't work or earn income

Z F1GHT3RS3833d ago


toughNAME3834d ago

Short, but exceptionally well written, good job Breakfast

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