Ed Boon tried to make Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

Ed Boon, creator of the hugely popular Mortal Kombat series, has revealed to that he tried to make Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter but "ran into a road block".

"We made phone calls," he said. "But Capcom is in Japan, and with the distance, there's communication gaps and what not. It just never panned out. It would have been very cool."

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Palodios3836d ago

Its interesting that instead of going with another fighting game he went to DC. It doesn't sound like they tried very hard, but I guess it makes it easier integrating different characters, and they wouldn't need to merge with another developing studio for the project.

Nitrowolf23836d ago

wow it would have mad allot more sense to do it with street fighter.
i mean come on both mk and street are both about the fighting
DC hero?
there guys are more for children, and to me there more of saving the world.

have they done DC vs Marvel yet? cause if they didnt that what DC shouldve thought
and MK shouldve pushed more towards the street fighter idea

devilhunterx3836d ago

Mortal kombat is crap. Dont want it anywhere near Street Fighter.

Seriously doubt it can come near to the greatness which was MARVEL VS CAPCOM.

Nitrowolf23836d ago

i loved marvel vs capcom
one of my favorit arcade game out there

DaDarkKnight3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

but even though Marvel vs Capcom is fun to me it was overrated. Like someone else said on another site it was like you throw a punch, wait five minutes for the combo to end and then the cpu do a punch then you have to wait for his 10 minute combo to be over that was it.

And Nitrowolf for you to say dc is for kids, You definitely do not read any of their comics such as Black Adam, Sinestro Corp, all of the Crisis books and a whole lot more of their books I do not feel like mentioning are definitely not kiddie stories.I bet you will be their opening night to watch The Dark Knight and that movie for damn sho dont look like a kiddie movie.

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter two of my three favorite fighting games the other being Tekken are just as kiddie and cartoony if youwant to put it that way, to me Mk1 was the most serious toned out of the Mk games made. It had the realistic looking motion captured characters and the more serious not as overly over the top fatalities the the latter games of the series. I for one am excited about this game being both a Dc and Mk fan and I bet this is a stand alone franchise for them while they make Mk8.

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