WWE 2K14: Official Gameplay Trailer - New Gameplay Footage

Watch new gameplay footage featuring the WWE 2K14 roster, including Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Goldberg, Daniel Bryan and The Shield! Experience 30 Years of WrestleMania in One Epic Game.

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curtis922936d ago

best roster in a wwe game ever. If you disagree, THEN YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ME. er..wait.

ohboy2936d ago

Can't wait I pre ordered the phenom edition baby !

BoriboyShoGUN2936d ago

Can 2K save the wrestling genre??????
Man I hope so, Ive been waiting for a great wrestling game with all the classic wrestlers.

bilzdabest2935d ago

I hope so. This is prob my last wwe game for the next 5 years, cuz of exams, so I really hope I can enjoy it. Whip everyone's ass without hacks, perfect way to end my wrestling career.

bilzdabest2935d ago

I was hoping to see rikishi. Loved the rikishi vs Yokozuna matches, they were awesome.

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