Microsoft to Show Off Gears of War 2 and Other 360 Software in May

Next month, Microsoft will be demoing Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and more at its 2008 Spring Showcase event, according to press invitation Kombo received from the publisher today.

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Silellak4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

As pleased as I am about most of these games, it would be nice for them to announce something new. Getting tired of all these sequels to existing franchises.

But, it should be awesome to at least see GoW2 in action finally, rather than just screenshots and tech demos of what it WILL look like.

chaosatom3334980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

is E3 in may?

Why not wait for E3.

NO_PUDding4980d ago

I am sure Microsoft must have something planned for E3 Silellak, by that I emna a new IP or atleast a new sequel.

They [MS] like owning E3. I am a PS3 fanboy and I can pretty much tell you to rest assured.

jackdoe4980d ago

I actually do not mind. GeoW 2 and NG2 will be sick.

kewlkat0074980d ago

MS is on it's second gen console, you remember when PS2 came out and how many sequals?

MS is technically 6-7 years behind in big (brand name)franchises...

You get 1-2 games from 1 franchise a Console Generation.

There is like a 3 year Gap between next installments from the time they start production.

But MS never really talk about games until they surprise you, as I remember that with the TGS, where they showed only Holiday treats.

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vloeistof4980d ago

well cant wait to see gears.

hope for alan awake

Breakfast4980d ago

Alan Wake > Gears in MY hype scale.

NO_PUDding4980d ago

Bubble Breakfast, I have said this too.

Gears of War is meh and very basic, Alan Wake seems more in depth.

psycho3604979d ago

NOt so since no one alive on this site has played alan awake. Gears on the other hand has a few million plus following and sure those guys, including moi will be more than happy to see it. ALthough my own preference was single player rather than the multiplayer of gears.

Edit:Btw not disagreed with any of u above.

NO_PUDding4980d ago

"Next month, Microsoft will be demoing Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and more"

I can just imagine...

Journalist: We were told there would be Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and more....

Microsoft PR: Yeah, and what's wrong?

Journalist: Where's the "more" part?

Microsoft PR: ........

I make jokes! I just needed to have a bit of a dig. Dig my disagree button if you don't like it >

brothersimon4980d ago

Alan Wake I reckon is one of them and maybe more exclusives?

DomUltra4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

Alan Wake hasn't had a release date, not even any public appearance then some fly by'. They will probably wait E3 to debut news about Alan Wake, and I really don't care about Fable, then didn't even deliver on the first one.

Ali_The_Brit4980d ago

i hope they show alan wake too, and GoW2 and fable should be intresting, also sony are announcing home release and hopefully more cool stuff. i cant wait to see what both have to offer

RealTimeWeaponChange4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

Alan Wake is going to crush PS3. When these fanboy idiots finally see how amazing it looks and runs on 360 hardware, they will shut their fanboy mouths talking sh1t about how 360 was maxed-out YEARS AGO with Gears lmfao. Idiots.

UltraDumb, Actually Fable 1 was awesome. U suck.

wow4u4979d ago


Speaking of maxed out, this is what Kojima said about the PS3 and MGS4:

"I remember saying three years ago that we wanted to create soething revolutionary, but in reality we couldn't really do that because of the CPU. We're using the Cell engine to its limit., actually."

No one has said anything about 'maxing' the Xbox 360.

But here is Kojima saying he couldnt get his game done because of the PS3's design choices... hm, kind of ironic isnt it.

MANTIIS4979d ago

-actually, you misinformed possessor of that ultra garbage RROD machine, Epic very clearly stated last year that the first Gears of War maxxed out the 360. Personally, I love extremely graphics intensive games on the 360...burns the pin connectors right off the 'ol motherboard. Enjoy frying your breakfast eggs on your 360 while you play Alan Wake (puh-lease)...before the three lights come, that is. Gimme a Break!

Z F1GHT3RS4979d ago (Edited 4979d ago )

when u show evidence of epic STATTING gears maxed out 360 i will believe you but until then STFU stop sayng sh!t

delay this gen beyond

Varsarus4979d ago

I like the way Alan? runs.

It was all shown on the PC, I wouldn't be surprised if the graphics was dumbed down in the 360 version, they probably will be.

PSMonster214979d ago

Why does microsoft even bother holding this event they got nothing worth sh*t to show anyway.

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